Geek Chic: No More Wires!

In this edition: Tidy up your office with a cable-free USB hub. Also, Cingular offers a Yahoo friendly phone, Spotware Wireless improves cell phone signal strength indoors and more.

March 10, 2006

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Microsoft Builds up its Defense

Windows Defender.
Microsoft has updated its free anti-spyware utility and renamed it Windows Defender. Notable new features are an improved spyware detection and removal engine, deeper monitoring points for the real-time malware protection functionality, and fewer pop-ups from the real-time protection. A much simpler interface, protection for all Windows user accounts--with or without administrator privileges--and signature updates delivered by Microsoft's Automatic Updates round out the protection picture. Free. Microsoft,

No More Wires

CableFree USB Hub
Tidy up the offices with the CableFree USB Hub from Belkin. The wireless device cuts the leash on printers, scanners, MP3 players, and other peripherals. The best part: no software required. Freescale Semiconductor's Ultra-Wideband technology, which broadcasts at rates 100 times faster than Bluetooth, takes care of things. $130. Belkin,

Precious Bars

Spotwave Wireless is trying to rid our collective vocabulary of the phrase, "Can you hear me now?" Because chances are that if you're indoors, the answer is no. The new Zen system improves the indoor signal strength of cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices across the entire PCS band. Coverage up to 2,500 square feet.

$399. Spotwave Wireless,

In the Know

TravelDrive I.D.
Labeling a disk or CD is easy; labeling a flash drive, not so easy. The Memorex TravelDrive I.D. solves that problem with a tiny LCD screen that displays up to 11 characters to name the drive or describe its contents. It also shows how much storage capacity remains using a bar chart, without having to plug it in.
Starts at $79.99. Memorex Products,

Does your Phone Yahoo?

Nokia 6682
Cingular Wireless' new Nokia handset provides quick access to Yahoo services such as Web mail, photos, instant messaging, and local search. The Nokia 6682 has Yahoo Go Mobile service built in, so you also have access to an address book, calendar, image search, and customized news, weather and sports.
$200 (after mail-in rebate). Cingular Wireless,


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