Teradata Adds Virtual Storage

New Teradata database leads the market with automated virtual storage

October 15, 2008

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LAS VEGAS -- Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the worlds largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, today announced the Teradata 13.0 database, the first with breakthrough Teradata Virtual Storage capability making it economical to leverage a new class of data to support enterprise-wide strategic intelligence. In addition, Teradata Labs designed an entirely new-class of data extract, load and transform tools. This innovation offers a substantial performance improvement over the previous tools enabling faster data loading into the data warehouse.

To simplify and speed database functionality, Teradata 13.0 is packed with 75 new features for active data warehousing, providing an overall performance improvement up to 30 percent.

Teradata Virtual Storage automatically and intelligently manages data storage and retrieval. It places the most frequently used or “hot” data on the fastest storage and the least used or “cold” data on the slowest storage without user or administrator intervention. And, as the data’s usage changes over its lifetime, it automatically moves it to the most appropriate storage location. For example, financial services institutions can collect and analyze data for immediate business insights then archive the data to respond to compliance requests generated from regulators years later.

“Teradata is the first to market with automated virtual storage capability enabling our customers to access data when needed and at a lower cost, because data no longer needs to be moved or placed in different storage mediums outside the data warehouse—it can all be kept in the data warehouse for better business decision-making,” said Scott Gnau, chief development officer, Teradata Corporation. “This innovation will enable our customers to meet the extreme service level demands of business users.”


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