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Index Engines announces affordable end-to-end automation of the e-discovery process

November 21, 2007

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HOLMDEL, N.J. -- Index Engines, the leader in enterprise discovery solutions, today announced the eDiscovery Edition of its Tape Engine which includes new features to automate the eDiscovery process for offline tape content. The eDiscovery Edition makes enterprise litigation readiness a reality by automating tape data sorting and object extraction eliminating the time consuming and expensive process of restoring tapes in order to begin discovery. Using patent-pending technology, the Index Engines Edition directly indexes data on offline tapes without ever restoring it. As a result, corporate legal teams can now instantly search the metadata as well as full text content of difficult-to-access data archives and extract the relevant files and email in order to respond quickly to litigation requests and to mitigate risk.

“Many companies have volumes and volumes of unsearchable data locked in proprietary tape backup formats that they have accumulated over time or through mergers and acquisitions,” said Jeffrey Fehrman, president, Electronic Evidence Labs, a division of ONSITE3. “The tremendous risk of the unknown contents of this data has prompted many organizations to wisely implement proactive litigation readiness processes. However, the discovery of this archived data on offline tapes is extremely costly and time consuming. The Index Engines eDiscovery solution unlocks this data without the time and expense of restoring each backup tape to search it. As a result, companies can now ensure litigation readiness through an automated approach that is both cost effective and fast.”

Index Engines Enterprise eDiscovery Edition is the only solution on the market that can directly index offline tape content and make it fully searchable without having to restore the tapes. This platform understands common tape backup formats (ArcServe, TSM, NetBackup, Backup Exec, and NetWorker) and directly indexes unstructured files and email, even back five to 10 years. Once this data is indexed, it is immediately searchable in order to find relevant content enabling companies to quickly find “smoking guns” in minutes or hours rather than days, weeks or even months.

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