Data-automation server; firewall appliance; application delivery system; Streaming Perspective

In this edition, we take a look at Certive Server, BorderWare MXtreme Mail Firewall 3.1, NetScaler 9900/9950 Secure Application Delivery System and Keynote Systems Streaming Perspective

February 13, 2004

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Certive Server

The first data-automation server to use a model-driven architecture, the Certive Server conforms to the Object Management Group's UML (Unified Modeling Language) standard and reduces the need for hard-coded technologies such as ETL tools, OLAP cubes and business-intelligence user interfaces. Drawing on the existing data infrastructure, the product integrates and manages data from disparate applications. It also lets you run templates and a store of tried-and-true models from the Certive Model Composer and the Certive Model Component Library. Starts at $140,000. Certive Corp., (866) 237-8483, (650) 701-8850.

BorderWare Technologies MXtreme Mail Firewall 3.1

This latest version of the MXtreme Mail Firewall appliance features centralized management in the administrative Web GUI, making multiple systems-configuration changes a breeze. The product's tiered administration gives you greater control over permissions. MXtreme offers antispam and antivirus protection, supports security certification and works with Domino to give you remote access to e-mail via Lotus iNotes. The product now includes LDAP support as well. Starts at $7,995. BorderWare Technologies, (877) 814-7900, (905) 804-1855.

NetScaler 9900/9950 Secure Application Delivery System

NetScaler's upgrade promises performance and security at Layers 4 through 7. Geared toward big networks such as content providers and search engines, the system can handle 245,000 HTTP requests per second at Layer 7 switches, and SSL encryption at 8,700 transactions per second with 760 Mbps of encrypted throughput. Starts at $55,000. NetScaler, (800) NETSCALER, (408) 987-8700.

Keynote Systems Streaming PerspectiveKeynote has added Apple QuickTime support to Streaming Perspective, which previously accommodated only RealPlayer and Windows Media Player (see our Nov. 25 review). The service monitors and reports on the quality of your streaming media via trace routes, packet detail and player error coder. It also lets you configure e-mail alerts based on customizable rules. Monitoring service starts at $250 per month per URL; diagnostic service starts at $650 per month per channel. Keynote Systems, (800) KEYNOTE, (650) 403-2400.

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