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Nemx Rolls Out Email Content Control

OTTAWA -- Nemx Software, leaders in active email control solutions for Microsoft Exchange, today announced availability of SecurExchange version 2.1. This new offering is designed to address the email content control requirements of those organizations with enterprise scale Exchange environments and that are subject to stringent internal and regulatory compliance rules. Several financial sector customers have already selected SecurExchange for email content control including Magyar Bank, Quest Capital Strategies and Shenkman Capital Management.

For financial services firms like banks, insurance and investment companies, email content control is absolutely crucial. These organizations are subject to a variety of regulatory compliance rules, most also have stringent internal corporate policies designed to enforce acceptable use and protect sensitive information within emails – both externally and internally. Nemx SecurExchange is the only exclusively Microsoft Exchange-based active email control solution to protect 100 percent of email traffic, in/outbound and internal.

“Most vendors’ email solutions don’t have the ability to monitor internal email, while SecurExchange does,” stated John Young, president of Nemx Software Corporation. “This is critical to guarantee enforcement of policies that govern or restrict the internal distribution of information, which most of our customers have, as well as to prevent external information leaks. We are focused on delivering the most comprehensive, flexible and accurate email content control solution available and version 2.1 has been driven by actual customer requirements and suggestions.”

Nemx Software Corp.