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NBA's Super Stats Site | Apple iWatch Vs. Smartwatches Past, Present

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  Friday, February 15, 2013
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Apple iWatch Vs. Smartwatches Past And Present
By Thomas Claburn
iWatch could change the mobile landscape, or it could end up as a redundant peripheral. Can Apple avoid the smartwatch flops of the past?
Between The Lines Columnist

Apple iWatch: 7 Reasons It Won't Fly
Why Apple iOS-Driven Smartwatch Makes Sense

NBA Launches SAP Hana-Powered Basketball Statistics Site
SAP's in-memory database will enable visitors to query more than 50 years of stats, including details on the latest games.

HTC Flagship Smartphone Details, Images Leaked
Leaked images show HTC made a design change for its 2013 flagship device, codenamed the M7. It will be announced next week.

Amazon Drops Prices On Multiple Zone Database Service
Amazon wants more of its relational database customers to upgrade to two "availability zones," which ensures automated failover in case of outages.

CISPA Cybersecurity Bill, Reborn: 6 Key Facts
House revives controversial cybersecurity information-sharing bill, but can CISPA 2.0 address lingering privacy concerns?

NASA Rover Spin-Off Roams Hospitals Delivering Meals, Laundry
Hospital robot is one of dozens of NASA Spin-Off innovations designed to make life better here on earth.

CRM Lands In Jail: Meet Illinois Offender-360
Illinois Department of Corrections moves criminal records from aging mainframe environment to Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud-based system.

Classroom Maps Find New Locale: iPads
StrataLogica kept pace as classroom maps moved from the school wall to the smart board -- and now to the tablet.

"Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


CRM Lands In Jail: Meet Illinois Offender-360
Classroom Maps Find New Locale: iPads
Research: Security Staffing Survey
Big Data: Lessons From The Leaders
BlackBerry's Comeback Doesn't Convince Some Analysts
What Does Big Data Mean To Your Business?
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Posted By JimC:
"If BlackBerry and Microsoft can gain BYOD market share via corporate IT departments, then the top four platforms will even out a bit. Right now, it's too heavily dominated by Android and iOS."
In reply to: "Microsoft Surface Pro: Too Much Tablet?"
View Entire Response | Post Your Own Reply

  Digital Issue  
Terabytes are growing into petabytes: The era of big data has arrived in government. Make sure you have a plan to keep up and the skills to make it work.

ALSO: Federal gun control won't succeed without an IT overhaul.

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Research: Security Staffing Survey
Hiring the wrong security pro can be a costly mistake that could set your company back years in terms of risk reduction. But finding the right person isn't easy. But don't despair. We'll walk you through the steps you need to take to find the best security professionals.
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Featured Report
Strategy: One-Click Disaster Recovery
Automation and orchestration are all the rage among IT architects these days. One of the best places to apply the technology is to disaster recovery. Most organizations still want a "go" button, but after that, timely recovery requires automation. Here's what you need to know to make it happen.
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Featured Report


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Big Data: Lessons From The Leaders
Financial performance, competitive advantage, operational efficiency, strategic decision making - every business goal can extract value from big data, and the time for doubt or inaction has long passed. In this Economist Intelligence Unit report, in-depth interviews with data pioneers reveal the link between the effective use of big data and the bottom line among other results.
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Why You Need To Consider Cloud-Based Security
Protecting endpoints from various threats is perhaps the single most critical function for any IT department. Read this white paper to learn why the use of cloud-based security capabilities is increasing at a faster pace than use of on-premise security servers and appliances.
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BlackBerry's Comeback Doesn't Convince Some Analysts
Some analysts call the BlackBerry Z10 a stop-gap device that won't win over Android and iOS users. But there's more to the story.

10 Best Android Apps Of 2012
Check out these 10 gems that stood out from the crowd of 700,000 Android apps.

Are Businesses Waiting For Windows 9?
Analysts don't expect Windows 8 to establish enterprise dominance -- but Microsoft's real problem continues to be lack of enthusiasm from consumers.

Adobe Reader, Acrobat Under Attack
Cue the security fatigue: Zero-day attacks target Adobe Reader and Acrobat, Adobe pushes second Flash patch, Microsoft fixes 57 flaws.

BlackBerry 10: Visual Tour Of Smartphones, OS
RIM rebrands itself as BlackBerry and unveils a new operating system and two new smartphones. Take a closer look at the company's last hope of regaining mobile glory.


Apple iWatch Vs. Smartwatches Past And Present
iWatch could change the mobile landscape, or it could end up as a redundant peripheral. Can Apple avoid the smartwatch flops of the past?   View Now

ALSO SEE Secrets: 8 Apps Help You Do More
Microsoft Surface Pro: Right For You?


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Bob Metcalfe Plans Ethernet's 40th
The 'Father of Ethernet' comes back to PARC, the scene of the crime, to talk about Ethernet's future -- including a 40th birthday bash in May.   Watch

CES 2013: It's A Wrap!
CES; the car show



What Does Big Data Mean To Your Business?
The onslaught of data growth is challenging CIOs to look for new ways to manage and scale their IT infrastructure. In this live Webcast on Thursday, February 21, 2013, we'll discuss key storage challenges, the requirements of a modern IT infrastructure, and the targeted next steps IT leaders must take in order to provide value to the business. More Information & Registration

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