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Microsoft Girds For Demise Of PC

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TOP STORY: Microsoft Girds For Demise Of PC

MORE NEWS: Pentagon's New CIO Faces A Tough Test

ANALYTIC REPORT: Remote Control: 9 Steps To Ensuring Access, Safely

WHITEPAPER: Deployment Strategies for 802.11n: Key Considerations for the Next Generation of Wireless Networking

SLIDESHOW: 12 Best Government Websites

VIDEO: Managing a Scrum Team with Accept36 Agile Tutorial

BLOG: Microsoft's Consumer-Corporate Schism

WEBCAST: Avoiding Costly Wage and Hour Litigation

RESOURCES: Take Our Enterprise 2.0 Vendor Evaluation Survey -- You Could Win An iPod!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
Monday, November 1, 2010

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." -- Steve Jobs




Microsoft Girds For Demise Of PC

Microsoft’s quarterly profit shows that the software giant is in a strong position to migrate its products to the clouds.


Microsoft Profits Soar 51%

Windows Phone 7 'Early' To Smartphone Market, Says Ballmer

Microsoft Comping Windows Phone 7s For Employees

Microsoft Synchs Azure With SQL Server


Pentagon's New CIO Faces A Tough Test

The Department of Defense's incoming IT leadership team, led by Teri Takai, will be greeted by organizational upheaval, cost cutting, and pressure from Congress.

Oracle v. SAP: Daytime Drama

Part 1 – Trial Preview: A trial nearly four years in the making is finally upon us. Oracle and SAP counsel will put on a dramatic show thanks to star witnesses, a trail of illegal activity, and accusations of misconduct at the highest levels.

YouTube Founder Resigns From Operations Role

Chad Hurley will move into an advisory position for the video-sharing site.

Google Nexus Two To Be Made By Samsung?

Blog Gizmodo claims to have inside information about the next "Nexus" handset from Google. This time around, it will be made by Samsung rather than HTC.

Global CIO: Can HP's CEO Survive? The Board Talks It Over

Secret surveillance reveals the HP board's contentious conversation about their legally embattled CEO, whose troubles might be only just beginning.

Verizon Paying FCC $25M To Settle 'Mystery Fees'

FCC's Genachowski says agency will oversee Verizon as it refunds overcharged phone customers at least $52.8 million.

NASA, DARPA Plan '100-Year Starship'

With space shuttle program winding down, agencies envision long-distance manned space flight to Mars and beyond … 100 years from now.

Firesheep Exposes Need For Encryption

Using Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Flickr, or other Web services on an open WiFi network could lead to lead to account hijacking.

First Impressions: Palm Pre 2 With WebOS 2.0

InformationWeek spent some time with the unreleased Palm Pre 2 running webOS 2.0. Is this the webOS sequel device for which we've been waiting?

Signs Point To Amazon Data Center Expansion

The e-retailer and cloud services vendor has reportedly purchased 10 acres in eastern Oregon to be used for an expanding data center footprint along the Columbia River.

Remote Control: 9 Steps To Ensuring Access, Safely

Well-secured systems are well-managed systems. But as perimeters melt away, security goes beyond encryption, authentication, and monitoring. We also need to ensure privileged users aren't betraying trust. In this report, we'll cover ways to track who did what to which system, and when--vital to covering yourself in an audit, sure, but also to improving customer service and the support process for remote workers.

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Featured Report

How To Master Your Windows 7 Rollout

Our trending survey shows that IT pros have warmed considerably to Microsoft's latest desktop OS. Now the trick is selling an upgrade to the business, ensuring app and hardware compatibility, and easing users off XP with minimal heartache. Here's how.

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Featured Report


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Deployment Strategies for 802.11n: Key Considerations for the Next Generation of Wireless Networking

The new 40MHz channels of 802.11n are a must for truly high-performance wireless networks. But the standard's technological advances means that your success depends on fine-tuning deployments from the perspective of context, coverage, and capacity.
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Understanding The IT Service Management Challenge

What are the key challenges associated with IT service management? This document explores requirements for effective Application Performance Management.
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12 Best Government Websites

Easy access to government online has gone from being nice-to-have to being necessary in the "open government" era, with many government websites taking advantage of modern designs and technologies to help do the trick. All too often, local, state and federal governments and government agencies do far too little to reach out to citizens on the web. Many governments and agencies are stuck in the 1990s era of tacky animated images, an over-abundance of white space, and confusing arrays of links. However, there are also plenty of agencies that stick out, with designs nearly or every bit as modern and enticing as one might expect from top corporations and Web 2.0 companies. These are some of the best.   View Now

Best Mobile Apps For Busy Professionals

Inside DHS' Classified Cyber Coordination Headquarters


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Featured Blogger

Microsoft's Consumer-Corporate Schism

By Dave Methvin

CNN says that Microsoft's consumer brand is dying. No doubt the Microsoft brand doesn't have the consumer appeal it did in the mid-1990s, but is down the only direction it can go?


Safego Addresses Facebook Security

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Love it or hate it, social networking is here to stay'at least for a while. Undoubtedly, websites like Facebook are appealing for a lot of reasons: You can connect with friends and family members who live far away; you can satisfy your curiosity about a former classmate; you can find out which Italian restaurant in your area has the best pasta primavera; and, if you're a business owner, you can tap the power of word-of-mouth to ratchet up sales.

Flash Exploit On The Move Via PDF File

By Keith Ferrell

A critical zero-day Flash exploit that arrives in a PDF file is being used in attacks aimed at Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.x. The exploited vulnerability is found across all major platforms, and a patch is not expected to be available for a couple of weeks.

Cell Phones Defy Downturn

By Paul Korzeniowski

Many IT markets have been caught in the doldrums recently, however, cell phones are riding high. Market research firm International Data Corp. found sales grew by 14.6% in the third quarter of 2010, the fourth consecutive period of double-digit growth.

WebOS Wrap Up

By Ed Hansberry

There has been both good news and bad news for WebOS fans this week. News has leaked that HP's Asian manufacturers are planning up to six new Palm devices which would all presumably run WebOS 2.0. Speaking of 2.0, if you like the PalmOS 5.x emulator, or MotionApps Classic, they aren't supporting WebOS beyond 1.x. Oh yeah. HP has unveiled a new logo for its mobile platform.

Avoiding Costly Wage and Hour Litigation

Join industry experts from Jackson Lewis LLP, Bank Systems & Technology, and Kronos as we examine the state of wage and hour practices in the financial services industry, looking at how litigation could affect you and the important role workforce management can play in your overall risk management strategy.
It happens Wednesday, November 10, 2010 -- 9 AM PT/12:00 PM ET
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Talent At Risk

Are your star players about to bolt? You need to know before the job market warms up. That story and more in the new, all-digital issue of InformationWeek's Boardroom Journal.

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