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LulzSec Hacks Murdoch's Sun | iPhone vs. Android: Who's Happier?

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistApple Ranks Highest In Mobile OS Satisfaction
By Ed Hansberry
Android drops, iOS rises, and BlackBerry barely appears on the radar in ChangeWave survey of mobile phone buyers.

iOS 50% Bigger Than Android, For Now
Security Showdown: Android Vs. iOS

LulzSec Hacks Murdoch's Sun, Cisco Sheds 6,500 Jobs
LulzSec's retirees came out of self-imposed exile and played a mean game of bingo against Rupert Murdoch Monday.

Hotmail Bans Guessable Passwords, Like 'Password'
12345 won't cut it anymore, either. Microsoft Hotmail users must get more creative--and secure.

Social Security CIO Resigns Following Shakeup
Frank Baitman leaves after staff gutted; observers say agency's 9-year experiment with CIO office never resolved line-of-authority problems.

IBM's Q2 Sales Spike On Cloud, BI Demand
Cloud computing, business intelligence, and efficient infrastructure technologies run hot for Big Blue as enterprises look to weather economic uncertainty.

More Windows Kernel Vulnerabilities May Emerge
After issuing dozens of patches this year, Microsoft may still have more work to do, Black Hat speaker warns.

Microsoft Offers $250,000 For Rustock Botnet Operator Identity
Bounty offered in response to evidence found in discovery process, Microsoft says.

4 Things IT Can Do To Embrace Social Networking
Even if your organization has a social media policy and you're an engaged IT leader, it will take several iterations to get this right.

Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for power equal to your tasks. -- Phillips Brooks


Microsoft Offers $250,000 For Rustock Botnet Operator Identity
4 Things IT Can Do To Embrace Social Networking
Charge IT: Why We Need Usage-Based Accounting
Requirements Management Tools: What's the ROI on your investment?
Bridgestor Launches Symantec Backup Exec Appliance
The Security Threat Report: The Threats to Watch
InformationWeek 500 Conference: The Need For Speed

Posted By jrapoza:
"I hope that is the case and they aren't looking to start a whole new social network. Because to paraphrase the band Cracker, what the world needs now, is another social network, like I need a hole in my head."
In reply to: Microsoft To Launch Social Networking Site?
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Posted By Robstor:
"The dirty little secret of virtualization is that the high cost of storage technologies like Fibre Channel and iSCSI are killing the ROI for these projects and complicating the evolution towards cloud architectures."
In reply to: Storage: The Best Way To Connect?
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Charge IT: Why We Need Usage-Based Accounting
A service catalog is pivotal in moving IT from an unresponsive mass of corporate overhead to an agile business partner. In this report, we chart the new service-oriented IT landscape and provide a guide to the key components: service catalogs, cost and pricing models, and financial systems integration.
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Cloud Security: Understand The Risks Before You Make The Move
In this Tech Center report, we explain the risks and guide you in setting appropriate cloud security policies, processes and controls. Plus: How to catch up when security is an afterthought to a cloud migration.
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Requirements Management Tools: What's the ROI on your investment?
There's no question that a commercial Requirements Management tool is very useful; but can it pay for itself at your company? Download this paper to learn how to measure the ROI of a requirements management tool.
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Cloud Storage for Dummies
Data centers are bursting at the seams with unstructured content that needs to be stored. Cloud storage offers a flexible, cost-effective way to meet this demand, but making the right choices is crucial to success. Download this user-friendly guide to understand the benefits of cloud storage, learn how to get started and review best practices for an optimized deployment.
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Bridgestor Launches Symantec Backup Exec Appliance
The backup and storage device is aimed primarily at midsize businesses and combines Symantec's data deduplication and Bridgestor's hardware-based thin provisioning and data compression capabilities.

Users Outraged Over New VMware Pricing Policy
Licensing costs will skyrocket to indefensible levels under new method of charging for memory usage.

Netflix Outage Adds Fuel to Pricing Outrage
Breaking: Netflix streaming outage steams users.

6 Tips To Maximize SaaS Value
Host Analytics' CFO says the midmarket firm's software as a service overhaul is more about technology sophistication and using tools previously only available to the enterprise than cost cutting.

Android Vs. iOS: Google Revamps Android Market
In the U.S. Android users will be able to download apps, books, and video content through the revised Android Market client.



Mozilla's Web-Only Operating System Layer Essentially a stripped-down browser, the Mozilla web-only operating system layer has much in common with Google Chrome.   View Now

12 Brawny Business Intelligence Products For SMBs
50 Most Influential Government CIOs


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10 Hot iPad Apps For Summer Summertime--and the tablet apps are everywhere. With the recent launch of the Apple iPad 2, application developers just keep on finding new ways to exploit the tablet's portability and beautiful display. Check out these free and low-cost tools for planning summer fun, or just kicking back during your vacation time.   View Now

HP TouchPad Tablet: Visual Tour
14 Cool Mobile Apps From Uncle Sam



The Security Threat Report: The Threats to Watch
With over 95,000 pieces of malware analyzed by SophosLabs every day, it's clear the threat isn't going away. Join Chester Wisniewski, senior security advisor at Sophos, for a live Webcast to learn about what makes the latest security threats tick. It happens Thursday, July 28th, 2011 -- Time: 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 500 Conference: The Need For Speed
Join C-level executives from leading global companies as they gather to discuss how their organizations are turbo-charging business execution and growth -- how their accelerated enterprises manage cash more effectively, invest more wisely, delight customers more consistently, manage risk more profitably. It happens Sept. 11-13 in St. Regis Monarch Beach
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