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iPhone 5 Predictions | Stuxnet Launched By U.S., Israel

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  Friday, June 01, 2012
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Mathew J. Schwartz Stuxnet Launched By United States And Israel
By Mathew J. Schwartz
White House officials confirmed that the Stuxnet virus was a joint project between the two countries, designed to set back Iran's ability to create weapons-grade uranium.

Flame Malware's Ties To Stuxnet, Duqu: Details Emerge
Flame FAQ: 11 Facts About Complex Malware

iPhone 5 Predictions: The Best And Worst
Apple's next iPhone will likely arrive in September or October. As the rumor machine cranks into high gear, we sort the solid predictions from the silly.

Google Wins Another Round In Oracle Lawsuit
Federal judge rules that software APIs aren't covered by copyright law, giving a major victory to Google. Oracle plans to appeal.

Google Chrome Tabs Let Malware Sneak Into Businesses
Enterprises need to watch for "bring your own browser" attacks. Using Google Chrome tabs, malware could piggyback into a corporate environment in two ways.

IT As Profit Maker
In defining your company's core operations, is IT one of them? Many non-IT companies have patented, trademarked, or copyrighted at least one tech innovation.

Smartphone App Slices Big Data For Political Campaigns
Campaign Manager Dashboard app for iPhone and Android puts data on 100 million voters and powerful analytics in campaign workers' hands.

Windows 8 Release Preview: Are You Installing?
Microsoft made the Windows 8 Release Preview version available Thursday. If you just can't wait to install, please tell us about how it's going.

10 Big Deals Show Future Of Social Apps
Several recent acquisitions in the social networking market point to a not-so-distant merger of social and business apps.

Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough. -- George Bernard Shaw


Flame Malware's Ties To Stuxnet, Duqu: Details Emerge
Flame FAQ: 11 Facts About Complex Malware
Informed CIO: BYOD Demands a Unified Plan
Empowering Your Mobile Worker
Google Chromebook, Chromebox: Visual Tour
Extend the Benefits of Traditional IT Environments to Cloud
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Posted By jir:
"Today's workplace is 'Do more with Less'. Who has a training budget?"
In reply to: "4 Ways To Supercharge IT Training"
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Posted By AJohnTurner:
"They concentrated on becoming the Rolex of smartphones then drowned in a deluge of Swatches, so to speak."
In reply to: "Slumping RIM Explores Strategic Options"
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Informed CIO: BYOD Demands a Unified Plan
Whether we want to support personal devices or not, they're here to stay. Here's how to turn diversity into a business advantage.
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Strategy: Rooting Out Sophisticated Malware
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Empowering Your Mobile Worker
Today's most productive employees are not tied to a desk. They are mobile. And your company's IT strategy has to be ready to support them with easy, reliable, 24/7 access to the business information they need, across a broad range of communication devices. Find out how some of the nation's most progressive corporations are meeting the many needs of their mobile workers - without overwhelming their IT departments.
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Google Chromebook, Chromebox: Visual Tour
Samsung's new hardware combined with Google's upgraded Chrome operating system could finally pose a challenge to Windows or Mac OS X personal computers.

How To Lose Your Best IT Employees
Ignore what motivates people in their jobs and they'll eventually leave. Our IT Salary Survey provides data you can use to cultivate your top performers.

10 iPad Cases Fit For Summer
Taking your iPad along on vacation this year? Then you will want a special case to protect against sand, surf, and other tablet enemies.

10 Wearable Devices To Keep Patients Healthy
Wearable devices equipped with sensors, Web connections, or both, help consumers and healthcare providers track health and fitness. Take a look at what's possible now.

15 New Rules For IT To Live By
The old IT rulebook is obsolete, but the new one that accounts for the rise of mobile, social, and analytics hasn't been written. Consider this a first draft, so your revisions are welcome.


10 Big Deals Show Future Of Social Apps
Several recent acquisitions in the social networking market point to a not-so-distant merger of social and business apps.   View Now

Google Chromebook, Chromebox: Visual Tour
11 BI Tools To Analyze Healthcare Operations


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Arista Puts Real-Time Apps On New Switch
Arista, already known for its ultra low latency switches, unveiled its AppSwitch 7124FX. Andy Bechtolsheim, the company's founder, and CDOr, and one of the valley's most decorated entrepreneurs explains the importance of this new offering.   Watch

Evernote Poised To Storm The Enterprise's Social Enterprise Approach Pushes "Customer" Part Of CRM



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