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Grab a Mop and Bucket

Afternoon everyone,

As promised, we've "swept up" all the entries from this issue's last mile that just couldn't fit on the back page.

Top 11 signs your server room needs a spring cleaning.

  • The latest copy of Win 3.11 is on a cd marked "Server Update Kit" -- Steve Lempke
  • Your HR department requires that you carry your avalanche locator beacon anytime you are near ?the mountain? of paperwork on your desk. -- John Tibor
  • The US Army wants to use your patch panel as a pinup for effective wire barrier construction. -- John Tibor
  • OSHA requires that you comply with all the safety standards for an Archaeological Dig before you start your cleanup. -- John Tibor
  • Your dust bunnies have grown into dust buffalo and they look like they might stampede at any moment. -- John Tibor
  • Your boss makes you carry a gps, cell phone and flare gun into the room so the search party can locate you sooner. -- John Tibor
  • You strongly consider using a snow blower to make entry, because shoveling your way in will take too long. -- John Tibor
  • You failed Grace Hopper's last inspection. -- Dan Kwitchen
  • Orkin cancelled your pest control policy. -- Dan Kwitchen
  • It's been a month since the decon tablets were all eaten behind the servers yet no mice have been found. -- Armando
  • documents pertaining to OS/2 -- Peter L McCauley
  • there are corpses that you don't recognize -- Peter L McCauley
  • Miss January 1995 still on wall -- Peter L McCauley
  • 386 sx server still running,I think -- Peter L McCauley
  • 4 cases of Jazz tapes -- Peter L McCauley
  • coax cables littering floor -- Peter L McCauley
  • picture of Bill holding his first billion -- Peter L McCauley
  • new dos 3 diskette package still wrapped -- Peter L McCauley
  • I did not know it was a server room, I thought it was the closet to store dust in. -- RoseAnn Sibilio
  • The mold on the leftover pizza from the last upgrade is the same colour as the servers you upgraded. -- Tom Obright
  • The smell from whatever got dropped down the floor grid has finally gone away -- Tom Obright
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