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Google Search's Big Switch | 6 Big Facebook Problems Post-IPO

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  Thursday, May 17, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist 6 Facebook Problems Need Fixing
By Thomas Claburn
After the IPO hoopla, there's work to do. Facebook might have 845 million users, but that does not mean building a business out of user attention will be easy.

Use Facebook Apps To Woo Customers: 6 Examples
Facebook's 11 Biggest Technology Bets

Google Knowledge Graph: How It Changes Search
What does Google's new search technique mean for you? Augmenting search results with sets of associated facts could please users but decrease traffic to other sites.

Why Google's Nexus Strategy Makes Sense
Google is preparing to revamp how "pure Android" smartphones are sold in a move that will surely appeal to diehard Android users.

Forensic Tool Grabs iPhone, iPad Data Remotely
Commercial forensic software from ElcomSoft lets investigators download someone's iPhone or iPad data without physically accessing the device; technique works via iOS device backups on iCloud.

How To Build The Right IT Skills
Every IT pro, no matter how senior, must always be in learning mode, but especially in a lackluster economy.

IBM SmartCloud: As Much Cloud As You Want
IBM expands private, public, and hybrid cloud options for customers with its SmartCloud offerings, including IaaS in IBM data centers with dedicated servers.

5 Ways IT Leaders Can Get More Staff Feedback
Criticism is hard to take, but it can be even harder for employees to offer. Here's how to encourage your IT staff to open up and build a stronger team.

SAP Streamwork: One Customer's Story
Prototype system helps Applied Materials organize approvals on complex custom product specs, but not without tradeoffs.

"God had to create disco music so I could be born and be successful." -- RIP Donna Summer (1948 - 2012)


5 Ways IT Leaders Can Get More Staff Feedback
SAP Streamwork: One Customer's Story
Strategy: Threat Intelligence: What You Need to Know
How to Build a Private Cloud
Military Transformers: 20 Innovative Defense Technologies
Does America's Next "Road to Prosperity" lie in Rural Sourcing?
Virtual Event: Enterprise Mobility: New Devices, Applications, Platforms, And Priorities

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Posted By ANON12355:
"Facebook has no value. It's nothing more than people yaking, showing off, and screwing around with games and ads."
In reply to: "6 Facebook Problems Need Fixing"
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Posted By dnr:
"'Software Engineering' is an oxymoron. Software is completely about design. Would you have an 'oil painting engineer' or a 'music composition engineer'?"
In reply to: "You're All Software Engineers"
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How to Build a Private Cloud
Senior IT pro and evangelist Chris Henley provides an overview of the private cloud in this video, explains why organizations would want a private cloud and reveals how to build a private cloud.
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Crowd Sourcing to Advanced Device Management
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Military Transformers: 20 Innovative Defense Technologies
Department of Defense technologies under development, from brainy microchips to battlefield transformer vehicles, promise to make the U.S. military more nimble. Here's a visual tour of 20 breakthrough ideas.

10 Wearable Devices To Keep Patients Healthy
Wearable devices equipped with sensors, Web connections, or both, help consumers and healthcare providers track health and fitness. Take a look at what's possible now.

Software Engineer: 2012's Top Job
Hiring demand, high salaries, and some lesser-known perks make software engineering the most enviable profession, survey finds.

Girls Around Me App: Not Today's Creepiest Stalker
Was the Girls Around Me app tasteless and juvenile? Of course. But we should be far more concerned about being stalked by law enforcement agencies and our cell phone companies.


10 iPad Cases Fit For Summer
Taking your iPad along on vacation this year? Then you will want a special case to protect against sand, surf, and other tablet enemies.   View Now

10 Wearable Devices To Keep Patients Healthy
Google Drive: 10 Alternatives To See


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MasterCard's PayPass Turns Your Phone Into A Smarter Wallet
At the CTIA conference in New Orleans, we got a demo of MasterCard's PayPass Wallet. It can be used to book airplane tickets online, pay for cabs when you're roaming around, or even buy a coke with your phone. All using NFC technology.   Watch

ARM Puts Virtualization In Hardware For BYOD World
NVIDIA Tegra 3: Maxing Out Quad-Core



Does America's Next "Road to Prosperity" lie in Rural Sourcing?
The global economy has driven business out of America with small towns greatly impacted. At the same time, companies are finding that the quality of outsourcing their IT and development to other countries is lacking. A solution has emerged that solves both issues: rural sourcing. We discuss this trend and its benefits. It happens Tuesday, May 22, 2012. More Information & Registration

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