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Google Flexes Cloud Muscle; Blackberry Lights Torch

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TOP STORY: Google Flexes Cloud Muscle Through Android Apps

MORE NEWS: BlackBerry's Torch Is On Fire

ANALYTIC REPORT: WAN Optimization: Adoption Holds Steady

WHITEPAPER: Cloud Performance Management Tips

SLIDESHOW: Computer History Museum Tour

VIDEO: Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad MindQuilt

BLOG: Nimbula Rains On Narrow, Proprietary Cloud APIs

WEBCAST: A Brief History of Malware

RESOURCES: Take Our 2010 Application Performance Management Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Monday, August 16, 2010


Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination. -- John Dewey



Google Flexes Cloud Muscle Through Android Apps

With help from its considerable computing infrastructure, Google is delivering new mobile applications that make it easier than ever to find and manipulate online information.


Google Android Market Under Fire

Google Wave Washed Out

'Voice Actions' Power Faster Android Searches


BlackBerry's Torch Is On Fire

The long-awaited BlackBerry 6 operating system running on the new Torch 9800 phone is a major step forward for Research In Motion.

Microsoft IE9 Beta Due September 15

More than 2.5 million Internet Explorer 9 previews have been download, according to Microsoft, which is touting the browser's HTML5 support for running web applications.

VA Posts Data Breach Reports Online

Monthly updates show the different ways data has leaked out of the agency, including lost or stolen hardware and misdirected emails.

Apple, Cisco Sued By VirnetX For Patent Infringement

NEC and Aastra Technologies were also named in the suit claiming the defendants infringed on VirnetX's virtual private network technology.

Feds Strengthen Cybersecurity Workforce Plans

As the pressure mounts on government to keep its systems secure, efforts to improve the federal cybersecurity, particular hiring practices for cybersecurity pros, are pushing forward.

IBM To Buy Marketing Management Firm Unica

Campaign analysis and automation firm will stoke competition with SAS, Teradata and Adobe.

Google Denounces 'Baseless' Oracle Lawsuit

The lawsuit seeks the destruction of Android software for violating Java patents and copyrights that Oracle acquired from Sun.

Government Agencies Lauded For Transparency Efforts

U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra honored nine agencies for their achievement in mapping out transparency plans that go "above and beyond" Obama's directive.

Wireless Wide Area Network Chipsets To Soar

Demand for slate-style tablets and eReaders driving opportunity for semiconductor suppliers, says iSuppli.

HP's Next CEO Should Throw Back EDS

Mark Hurd landed a big fish when he acquired the Texas-based outsourcer, but under HP the prized catch is gasping for air.



WAN Optimization: Adoption Holds Steady

Converged services, distributed workforces, and private clouds and data center consolidation are stressing many WANs. Are optimization appliances -- physical and virtual -- the answer? Nearly 600 business technology professionals weigh in.

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Featured Report

Cloud Implementer's Checklist

As federal agencies move forward with their cloud computing strategies, there are many steps to manage. This report, the last in a four-part series on government clouds, guides government IT pros through the early stages of implementation.

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Featured Report


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Cloud Performance Management Tips

The only way to effectively satisfy customer requirements is to provide a single integrated dashboard that monitors and manages application performance from the only perspective which really matters: the end user's. This whitepaper reveals a solution that boosts client satisfaction while creating competitive advantage.
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Cloud Integration Strategy

In order to evolve SaaS usage from meeting purpose-built point requirements to integration into mission-critical business processes, companies will need scalable, cost-effective connection strategies. Explore best-of-breed integration approaches.
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Computer History Museum Tour

The collection spans from the dawn of the computer to the advent of the PC. Here are top highlights from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.   View Now


Slideshow: Top 10 Tech Newsmakers Of 2010

Slideshow: Best Of Social Enterprise Patents


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Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad MindQuilt

Launchpad 2010 - Finalist Presentation by MindQuilt   Watch


Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad Baydin Inc.

Enterprise 2.0: Launchpad Doodle




Featured BloggerNimbula Rains On Narrow, Proprietary Cloud APIs

By Charles Babcock

In addition to Mark Shuttlesworth, CEO of Cannonical; Simon Crosby, CTO of the cloud division at Citrix Systems; Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware, lets add another distinguished South African to the annals of virtualization and cloud computing: Chris Pinkham, founder and CEO of Nimbula.


How To Cut Compliance Costs While Remaining Compliant

By Keith Ferrell

With the next round of PCI standards nearing release, it's a good time to take a look at your company's compliance -- and how much compliance is costing you.

PoE Simplifies Powering, Placing Access Points

By Daniel Dern

Providing AC power to some locations can be expensive, difficult, even unsafe, but new Power Over Ethernet products make this alternative even more capable.

Blackberry's Threat From Windows Phone 7?

By Ed Hansberry

Blackberry has long been the king of the Enterprise, aided in no small part to Windows Mobile's decline in recent years. Yes, the iPhone and Android are all the rage in smartphones right now, but do either have what it takes to topple RIM in the enterprise space?

Apple Plugs Jailbreak Flaw, Exploit Code Released

By George Hulme

About a week after JailbreakMe 2.0 surfaced, Apple has plugged the flaws in iOS that made the Jailbreak possible. If you've not jailbroken your phone, you'll want to get the update ASAP as the exploit code has been released.


A Brief History of Malware

In this special presentation Dr. Thomas Chimento, Director of Product Management for Webroot's Web Security Service will discuss the current and future trends in malware development from an evolutionary perspective, with specific emphasis on the directions that malware is likely to take over the next few years.

It happens Tuesday, August 24, 2010 -- Time: 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

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Where do commercial cloud services fit into agency IT planning? Which cloud models, and which types of cloud applications, are of greatest interest? Join your federal government peers at this executive roundtable to explore both the opportunities and challenges that public clouds present to government agencies.

It happens in Washington DC: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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