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Google Drive: Hands-On Winner | 15 Military Robots Of Future

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  Wednesday, April 25, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist U.S. Military Robots Of Future
By John Soat
Meet robots that fight fires, climb ladders, search for bombs, and race across the battlefield. The technological singularity is near, say military strategists.

10 Must-See Tech Product Ideas From Startups
Should FDA Assess Medical Device Defenses Against Hackers?

Google Drive: Hands-On Winner
Google's new online storage service represents the natural evolution of Google Docs, and another transformation for the world of collaborative file management.

Google Drive Shows 'Bring Your Own Cloud' Has Arrived
I'm using two consumer cloud services, one enterprise cloud service, and two conventional software packages to get you this column. Am I insane, or is this just how everyone works?

Oracle Grills Google's Schmidt, Rubin
Oracle, Google trial heats up as Oracle lawyers get crack at Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who insists that Sun supported Android.

Apple CEO: Hybrid Tablets Doomed
Without naming rival Windows 8 tablets specifically, Tim Cook says convertible laptop-tablet systems are kludgy compromises that will please no one. Microsoft and its tablet partners disagree.

Infor Reinvented: Enterprise Software's 'Biggest Startup'
Charles Phillips reintroduces Infor after a 16-month transformation that has yielded a newly aggressive apps vendor some now call 'Inforacle.'

Mac Security After Flashback: 5 Key Points
Where does the Apple security situation stand in the wake of the Flashback Trojan outbreak? Consider these important data points.

Do not let yourself be tainted with a barren skepticism. -- Louis Pasteur


Infor Reinvented: Enterprise Software's 'Biggest Startup'
Mac Security After Flashback: 5 Key Points
Strategy: Development Labs in the Cloud
Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Security but Were Afraid to Ask
Windows 8 Release Preview Set For June
Does America's Next "Road to Prosperity" lie in Rural Sourcing?
Take Our State Of The Data Center Survey

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Posted By CHDFW:
"Google, STOP trying to be our everything! Get back to your core."
In reply to: "Google Drive Revealed: Watch Out Dropbox"
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Posted By YMOM100:
"Why would one buy an iPad to run Windows? There are 'toyblets' that run Windows natively and are a heckuve lot cheaper than the overpriced Apple gadget."
In reply to: "6 Ways To Run Windows On An iPad"
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  Digital Issue  
Hacktivist and cybercriminal threats concern IT teams most, our first Federal Government Cybersecurity Survey reveals. Here's how they're fighting back.

Also: Why federal efforts to cut IT costs don't go far enough, and how the State Department is enhancing security.

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Strategy: Development Labs in the Cloud
The options available for putting a lab in the cloud are increasing. We take a look at the costs, complexities and challenges involved in making a move to either a public or private cloud lab, and help you figure out how to get there.
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Featured Report
Informed CIO: Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for Mobility?
No one likes to think about a large meeting with multiple mobile devices bringing a WLAN to its knees, but we've seen it happen. Here's how to help your wired and wireless networks seamlessly support mobile and/or remote users--and not buckle under pressure.
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Featured Report


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Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Security but Were Afraid to Ask
With this guide you will learn how to evaluate cloud technology vendors and service providers based on a series of questions that were posed to experts in the industry. By comparing answers to common IT questions from 9 vendors, you'll be ready to implement security products and services in the cloud.
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Workload Automation: The Key to Managing Windows Server Sprawl
This white paper discusses how to reduce the time spent monitoring and managing Windows servers, virtual machines and server clusters by consolidating scheduling and management tasks on one central server. Learn how to simplify scheduling dependencies, set up notification, and even integrate file transfers with one simple scheduling tool.
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Windows 8 Release Preview Set For June
Microsoft announcement sparks speculation that final version of Windows 8 may ship as early as October.

10 Essential Android Apps For SMBs
No glitz, no glamour, just results: These 10 budget-friendly Android apps help SMB users simplify everyday tasks and power through to-do lists.

Asteroid Mining Plan Revealed
Planetary Resources, a new company with backers including current and past Microsoft and Google execs, shared its strategy to create a new industry in mining asteroids.

DNS Changer: FBI Updates Net Access Shutoff Plans
The FBI called: Your malware-infected PC or router needs to get clean, or lose Internet access.

10 Massive Security Breaches
They make the news on a regular basis: incidents in which a company or government agency's security is breached, leading to a loss of information, personal records, or other data. There are many ways to measure the size or cost of a security breach. Some result in the loss of millions of data records, some affect millions of people, and some wind up costing the affected businesses a lot of money. Not to mention, the questions of you calculate the value of personal medical information vs. credit card numbers. Here are ten security breaches of epic scale, plus one "bonus" incident that ranks among the boneheaded moves of all time.


9 Popular Personal Health Record Tools
While many consumers remain skeptical of personal health records, advocates say these tools can help patients manage medical data and interact with doctors. Here's a look at nine popular PHR offerings.   View Now

10 Ways To Get More From Android Devices
8 Tablets Fit For Windows 8 Beta


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Client-Side Storage with Pamela Fox
Pamela Fox, founder of EatDifferent, discusses Client-Side Storage and how new APIs let you make use of powerful clients to improve both performance and user experience.   Watch

U3-X: Move Over Segway



Does America's Next "Road to Prosperity" lie in Rural Sourcing?
The global economy has driven business out of America. In small towns, this tends to be a matter of life or death for their internal economy. At the same time, companies are finding that the quality of outsourcing their IT and development to other countries is lacking. A solution has emerged that solves both issues, rural sourcing. We discuss this trend and how it benefits the individual, America and businesses. It happens Tuesday, May 22, 2012. More Information & Registration



Take Our State Of The Data Center Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey to gauge the state of enterprise data centers in 2012. Upon completion of our survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an 32-GB Apple iPod Touch.
Survey ends April 27

Virtual Event: Enterprise Mobility: New Devices, Applications, Platforms, And Priorities
At this interactive event, experts and solution providers will offer detailed insight into how to bring some order to the mobile industry innovation chaos. When you register, you will gain access to live webcast presentations and virtual booths packed with free resources.
It happens May 17

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