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Flame Ties To Stuxnet, Duqu | Google Chromebook: Visual Tour

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  Thursday, May 31, 2012
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Google Chromebook, Chromebox: Visual Tour
By Thomas Claburn
Samsung's new hardware combined with Google's upgraded Chrome operating system could finally pose a challenge to Windows or Mac OS X personal computers.

Google Chrome OS, Take Two: New Software And Chromebooks
Google+ Local Does More Than Google Places

Flame Malware's Ties To Stuxnet, Duqu: Details Emerge
All three pieces of malware seemingly commissioned by the same entity and developed on the same platform, but by different groups of developers, security researchers say.

Intel Smartphones Slowly Spread To New Markets
Intel-based Xolo San Diego lands in the British Isles on June 6, while Lenovo LePhone K800 hits China today. Both run Google's Android platform.

Microsoft Office 365 For Government Faces Google Apps
Cloud app rivals fight for government customers; Microsoft launches with note that government customer data will be segregated from other customers' data.

Watch Out: I've Become The Boss Of Me
Cloud services are helping to create a new wave of super-powered, cell-sized businesses. Thanks to us, you may have to manage quite differently.

Middle Managers Must Play Game Of Risk
Line managers must now be required, and enabled via enterprise management 2.0 tools, to take on market risks.

Kim Dotcom Gets Access To FBI's Megaupload Documents
Dotcom's defense campaign won a boost when a New Zealand judge refused to rubber-stamp U.S. prosecutors' request for extradition.

57% Of Consumers Use Internet For Medical Questions
New studies also find 88% of doctors believe online medical resources have improved the quality of care.

A budget tells us what we can't afford, but it doesn't keep us from buying it. -- William Feather


Kim Dotcom Gets Access To FBI's Megaupload Documents
57% Of Consumers Use Internet For Medical Questions
Informed CIO: BYOD Demands a Unified Plan
Prepare Your Virtualized Data Center for the Cloud
Google Chromebook, Chromebox: Visual Tour
Extend the Benefits of Traditional IT Environments to Cloud
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Posted By awhitley800:
"The once great, highly respected company of hp has been a death spiral since Carly. Each successive CEO has driven in farther down."
In reply to: "HP Layoffs Signal Punishing Fall"
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Posted By SamChrome:
"I am a great admirer and fan of Chromebook but unfortunately price tag is a blocker for me to get one."
In reply to: "Google Chromebook, Chromebox: Visual Tour"
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Informed CIO: BYOD Demands a Unified Plan
Whether we want to support personal devices or not, they're here to stay. Here's how to turn diversity into a business advantage.
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Featured Report
Strategy: Rooting Out Sophisticated Malware
As malware gets increasingly sophisticated, so, too, must the technology and strategies we use to detect and eradicate it. In this report, we examine the tools, technologies and strategies that can ease some of the burden.
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Featured Report


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Prepare Your Virtualized Data Center for the Cloud
With virtualization becoming the new norm for enterprise data centers, find out what you need to do to ensure you are ready to launch your next-generation data center. This guide offers practical information to help you prepare your data center for the cloud.
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Cyber Security Risk: Threats to Enterprise Software
Join Richard Clarke, author and former White house advisor discusses the changing cyber threat environment, the evolving cyber legislation landscape and ramifications on your information security program. Download this report to follow the steps that organizations can take to strengthen their resilience to the current threat environment while complying with evolving regulations.
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Google Chromebook, Chromebox: Visual Tour
Samsung's new hardware combined with Google's upgraded Chrome operating system could finally pose a challenge to Windows or Mac OS X personal computers.

How To Lose Your Best IT Employees
Ignore what motivates people in their jobs and they'll eventually leave. Our IT Salary Survey provides data you can use to cultivate your top performers.

Girls Around Me App: Not Today's Creepiest Stalker
Was the Girls Around Me app tasteless and juvenile? Of course. But we should be far more concerned about being stalked by law enforcement agencies and our cell phone companies.

How Much Risk Should CIOs Take?
MIT Sloan CIO Symposium debates whether CIOs should let a 1,000 innovation projects bloom and examines when to keep legacy systems operating.

15 New Rules For IT To Live By
The old IT rulebook is obsolete, but the new one that accounts for the rise of mobile, social, and analytics hasn't been written. Consider this a first draft, so your revisions are welcome.


7 Examples: Put Gamification To Work
An increasing number and variety of business applications are integrating game mechanics, or gamification, to improve user engagement, engage new customers, incent employees, build loyalty, and more.   View Now

11 BI Tools To Analyze Healthcare Operations
10 iPad Cases Fit For Summer


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Arista Puts Real-Time Apps On New Switch
Arista, already known for its ultra low latency switches, unveiled its AppSwitch 7124FX. Andy Bechtolsheim, the company's founder, and CDOr, and one of the valley's most decorated entrepreneurs explains the importance of this new offering.   Watch

Evernote Poised To Storm The Enterprise's Social Enterprise Approach Pushes "Customer" Part Of CRM



Extend the Benefits of Traditional IT Environments to Cloud
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