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Ellison Details Next-Gen Oracle Tech Support

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TOP STORY: Ellison Details Next-Gen Oracle Tech Support

MORE NEWS: Laptop Theft Nets Data On 800,000 Doctors

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WHITEPAPER: A Technical Guide to Data Deduplication

BLOG: Google's Android Eclair Unveiled

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 Friday, October 16, 2009 



"High tech, biotech, green tech, nanotech -- all the techs -- I just love 'em."
~ California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger 


Ellison Details Next-Gen Oracle Tech Support

At OracleWorld, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison discussed Web-based technical support and introduced a surprise guest: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Oracle, Sun Claim Fastest Database

Oracle's Ellison Calls Out IBM: Why You Gotta Love The Guy

Global CIO: An Open Letter To Oracle CEO Larry Ellison


Laptop Theft Nets Data On 800,000 Doctors

The stolen laptop contained personal data on nearly every physician in the country.

Acer Debuts Quick Start Netbook

The Aspire One AOD250's dual-boot feature switches from Windows XP to Android for fast access to the Internet.

Motorola Preps 8 Android OPhones

The smartphones, built on Google's open source platform, are destined for China Mobile's burgeoning 3G network.

RIM Intros BlackBerry Storm 2

The second touch-screen BlackBerry adds Wi-Fi and a refined typing experience to the original's enterprise-friendly features.

Lost USB Device Forces Virginia Into Damage Control, Again

A flash drive with more than 100,000 personal records has been misplaced by a researcher, while a new report finds widespread problems with the state's IT outsourcing deal.

Google, Microsoft Gain In Search

September's ComScore data shows Google continuing its dominance of the U.S. search market, and Yahoo slipping.

Microsoft Recovers Most Sidekick Data

Initial reports that the data of T-Mobile Sidekick users had been lost turn out to have been overly pessimistic.

Siemens Buys Solel For $418 Million

The purchase of the solar power company will enable Siemens to provide most key components for thermal solar plants.

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The Government CIO 50

InformationWeek's first-ever analysis of top CIOs in federal, state, and local government, and how they're embracing new expectations.

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Featured Report

10 Steps To Effective Data Classification

In this edition of the InformationWeek Informed CIO series, we reveal how to keep your classification initiative on track.

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A Technical Guide to Data Deduplication

This white paper provides a technical overview of data deduplication, covering areas such as fixed versus variable length blocks, the effect of change in deduplicated storage pools, sharing a common deduplication block pool, data deduplication architectures and policies, and applying data deduplication to replication.
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5 Imperatives to Ensure Siebel Application Performance

Check out this report to learn how Precise's Transaction Performance Management can enable you to meet SLAs in complex Siebel environments with its unique focus on business transactions, not information silos.
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Featured BloggerGoogle's Android Eclair Unveiled

Posted by Ed Hansberry

Just a few months ago Google finished off Donut, the latest version of Android. Now, a giant eclair has been seen at the Google offices. Nothing is official, but it is likely that the newest revision of the Android platform is just around the corner.


Google Adds Docs Preview To Gmail

Posted by Eric Zeman

Gmail users can take advantage of Gmail Labs to preview things such as YouTube videos and Picasa Web albums without leaving their Gmail inboxes. Now, users can do the same with Google Docs.

Is Virtualization The Key To Continuity?

Posted By Lorna Garey

Business continuity and disaster recovery have long been sore points for enterprise IT. Can virtualization change all that and make true continuity a reality ... or at least, make recovering from disaster a faster and more thorough operation? That's the premise of our latest InformationWeek Analytics poll.

Boston Hospital Bans Facebook

Posted By Mitch Wagner

New England Baptist Hospital banned Facebook and other social media, citing privacy concerns aover employees revealing too much information about patients in their online posts, and complaints about employees wasting time online. The ban will remain in place until the hospital can come up with a social media policy, according to reports.

iPhone Round-Up: FM Radio, No More Jailbreaking?

Posted By Eric Zeman

A few interesting stories have surfaced in recent days regarding the iPhone. First, a developer is saying that Apple is nearly ready to introduce an FM radio tuner application for the iPhone. Second, newer iPhone 3GS models appear to be resistant to jailbreaking.

Heartland's Breach: Lessons Learned (w/ Video)

Posted By Fritz Nelson

Earlier this year, Heartland Payment Systems announced a major security breach that sent a few shockwaves through the financial world, not just because of its impact on Heartland, but also because of what the incident revealed about the sophistication of the Russian hackers who perpetrated this fraud. Heartland's CSO Kris Herrin talked to me about it at our recent Bank Summit in Pasadena, CA.


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Making The Business Case For Windows 7

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Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: Which Browser...And Why?

In the space of the last year, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera have been updated and Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Bing have joined the Web browser market. Is it time for you to make a change?

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