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Zetta Releases One-Step Replication For Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

SUNNYVALE, Calif (BUSINESS WIRE) Enterprise storage service provider Zetta today announced the availability of a one-step replication option for users of its On-Demand Enterprise Storage. Zetta replication is available between the Zetta Santa Clara, California, and Secaucus, New Jersey, data centers. As many critical customer data sets require geographic data protection, Zetta provides this as a point-and-click option, with instant protection without the time and cost of acquiring and managing replication software, facilities, storage hardware, and networking bandwidth. Pricing is a fraction of the cost of buying and managing an on-premise replication solution.

"Zetta is lowering the time and cost barriers to replication, benefiting our customers and opening replication up to customers and data sets that were not before feasible," said Jeffrey Treuhaft, Zetta co-founder and CEO. "With Zetta, replication is a simple, user-selectable option. There is no software or hardware to install or manage. Data is automatically replicated, continuously synchronized, and available at a second data center with no further action by the user."

Zetta replicated storage volumes appear as fully mountable and accessible read-only volumes. This allows for not only multi-site data protection, but also enables workload sharing with data accessible from both data centers at the same time, providing as much as twice the performance of a single volume. In the rare event that the primary volume becomes unavailable, the secondary volume can assume both read and write status and users and applications can then access their data from the secondary volume.

Other key replication features included in the Zetta On-Demand Storage are:
    * Low Recovery Time: Zetta supports a near-instant return to operation for replicated data. Data is maintained in a ready-to-use format and can be "mounted" for immediate use.
    * Recovery Point: With Zetta replication, changes to primary volume data are continuously replicated to the secondary volume, ensuring good data consistency and currency.
    * Consistent replica performance: Zetta replicates data to production-ready storage, ensuring that performance on the secondary volume is the same as on the primary volume.
    * No client-side overhead: All the replication processing and network bandwidth take place on the Zetta side and do not impact the client network or servers.
    * Transparency: Through the Zetta Storage Management Portal, volume owners have access to volume replication information including the replication status and bandwidth being consumed by the replication.

Primary volume pricing starts at $0.25 per gigabyte per month and replica footprint is priced starting at $0.15 per gigabyte per month. There are no network charges for the replication traffic.