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Yosemite Delivers Simpler, Cheaper Backup Software Automation

Yosemite Technologies introduced new storage backup software, and is leaning on the channel to take it to midsize businesses.

The San Jose, Calif.-based vendor's Yosemite Backup Advanced allows data to be backed up to a three-tier architecture, from expensive primary disk to lower-cost secondary disk to either physical tape or virtual tape, said John Maxwell, senior vice president of product management and marketing.

The software sits on one server in a network and handles the backup and recovery operations on all the other servers, regardless of vendor, said Maxwell.

The software features self-tuning logic for automatic backups. It also handles restores by looking at every physical resource on the network to determine the appropriate mix of bandwidth, and sets up multiple data streams to optimize operations, Maxwell said.

The software enables partners and customers to create of hundreds of virtual tape libraries out of a heterogeneous pool of storage devices. It also allows up to three storage pools to be set aside for spillover, preventing backup failure caused by lack of space, he said.

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