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Will Vodafone Block Skype And VoIP?

Here's some potentially disturbing news for Skype and VoIP users in Europe: The cell-phone giant Vodafone may block VoIP traffic, including Skype. So reports ExtremeVoIP.
Vodafone has already bought the technology capable of blocking VoIP -- a content filter -- and is rolling out the of the filter now, says the report, but for other purposes.

But Vodafone denies it has plans to use the filter to block VoIP traffic. Instead, the company says, the filter will be used to stop children from visiting inappropriate Web sites.

Blue Coat Systems of Sunnyvale, Calif., supplies Vodafone with filters, but won't comment about its deal with Vodafone.

It's tough to know whether Vodafone will, in fact, use technology to block VoIP. If it does, it won't be the first telco to do it. Throughout Europe and South America, other companies block VoIP, and China, among other countries, censors VoIP.

Here in the U.S., the debate over whether providers can block VoIP still rages on, as Congress decides what to do about net neutrality. For now, though, the FCC won't allow VoIP to be blocked. Here's hoping Europe follows suit.