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Why AT&T And Pals Are World-Class Bozos

Everything you've ever suspected about AT&T and other telcos is true: They're backwards-looking, technology-averse dinosaurs whose idea of progress is to fight innovation and try to dominate markets with monopoly power. That's essentially the conclusion of a superb investigative piece in BusinessWeek.
The headline and deck of the article sums it up best: "The Phone Companies Still Don't Get It...They block competition and charge too much. You call this a communications revolution?"

The author of the piece was invited to take a look at a real-life consumer's home for AT&T's Project Lightspeed video-over-phone wire multibillion project. The only problem is that AT&T couldn't actually find a consumer, so they brought him to the house of the architect of Project Lightspeed to show off the service.

The highlight of the visit: The TV remote, AT&T officials claim, changes channels faster than do cable remotes.

Oh, and unfortunately, the service can't record one show while you watch another -- something that Tivos and cable systems can already do.

But it sure does change those channels in a jiffy, doesn't it?

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