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NEW YORK, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ --, a world leader in data recovery services, today announced it is the first and only data recovery company to specialize in NetGear(R) SC101 Storage Central NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. Storage Central units have a proprietary file system that blocks data recovery using ordinary techniques; however, has developed a unique extraction protocol that overcomes these challenges and makes Storage Central data recovery possible.

NetGear's Storage Central (Model SC101) is one of the most popular NAS solutions today for home and small business use. The innovative unit supports virtually any 3.5-inch IDE hard drive, of any capacity; simply insert either one or two drives into the device, connect it to any router or switch, and NetGear's Smart Wizard configures the drives as a single secure storage/backup platform capable of holding videos, games, music, photos and much more.

"The versatility, expandability, ease of use and low cost of NetGear's Storage Central has made it a true winner for all types of home network or LAN use," said Dyan Parker, Chief Performance Officer of "The unique file system in Storage Central, however, puts it out of reach of most data recovery companies. Fortunately, has the research capabilities to address such a challenge." is one of the only data recovery service providers to implement its own in-house R&D program. In the past, has developed specialized equipment and processes such as a proprietary optical disc data recovery system (ODRS), code name "Elixir," that reclaims information from even severely degraded CDs, DVDs and other optical disks.

Adding further appeal to's NetGear NAS data recovery services is the company's success guarantee: if the company cannot re-acquire the lost data, no fees are charged. Furthermore, there is no charge for initial evaluation; once the customer sends in the storage/backup equipment and the examining engineer determines the nature and severity of the loss, a time and cost estimate is supplied to the equipment owner. The owner reviews and authorizes the estimate in advance before work begins.

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