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Is Verio The World's Worst Hosting Company?

My personal domain and email is hosted by the Verio hosting company. Bad move --- the hurricane killed all my email from yesterday until this morning, and Verio's technical support team seems to have absconded to South America. What's wrong with this company?
Calls to Verio's technical support line went unanswered, because there was no one there to pick up the calls. Emails went unanswered. (I used my Gmail account to send them mail.) And my email box was empty for hour after hour. Only today did it start trickling in.

It's mind-boggling that a hosting company would not have backup email servers and technical support located away from a hurricane zone. After all, if you're located in Florida, you expect your power to go out when a hurrican hits. You would think that the company would have adequate backup. But you'd be wrong.

So here's the question: Is Verio the world's worst Internet hosting company? I certainly think it is. If you have any Verio horror stories of your own, leave a comment. And if you think you know of one worse, leave a comment as well.