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Users Debate Backup Trends

LAS VEGAS -- Storage Decisions -- Disk isn't the answer to all backup problems. While disk-based backup improves on tape, it means more research and testing for storage administrators.

A panel at a West Coast Storage Networking User Group (SNUG) meeting here today shared these and other impressions of backup technologies, giving the pros and cons of relatively new techniques like virtual tape libraries (VTL), continuous data protection (CDP), and data de-duplication. And they didn't forget tape, either.

At least two members on the panel say they're sticking with tape -- for now.

Charles Shepard, director of systems architecture at the MGM Mirage
casino group, appreciates disk-based technologies for disaster recovery but remains a big tape fan for long-term backup and archiving.

"We still have a good return on investment for tape," he says. "It's still cheaper than disk. For us to put everything on disk now would be too expensive."

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