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USA Today Vonage Ad Targets Meth Addicts?

Here's an example of contextual advertising gone haywire: A USA Today article that describes how meth addicts used Vonage in a money-making scam, includes a related ad for Vonage that crows: "VONAGE: Get your first month FREE!" I'm sure meth addicts are signing up in droves.
The article itself is a solid bit of reporting, and details how meth addicts are using the Internet in massive identity theft rings, as a way to finance their habits.

Vonage is a small part of the scam. It's mainly used because with Vonage you can choose your own phone number, and so the meth addicts get phones that are local to the identity they're stealing.

Up at the upper right part of the page, you'll find the Vonage ad. It's labeled "Related Advertiser" and is clearly there because Vonage is mentioned in the article, and so an automated tool popped in the ad.

I'm sure there are other odd contextual ads out there --- if you find any, let me know, below.