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Unified Fire Authority Picks Revinetix

SALT LAKE CITY -- Revinetix, a pioneer in Disk2Disk2Disk data protection solutions, today announced the Unified Fire Authority (UFA) has deployed Revinetix Sentio™ data protection appliances to archive emergency call, e-mail, payroll, and accounts payable/receivable data.

Serving Utah’s Salt Lake County, UFA provides fire protection, medical, emergency and rescue services to nearly 1 million citizens living in Utah’s Salt Lake County.

UFA has experienced an increase in data in step with the rapid population growth in Salt Lake County, resulting in an associated increase for UFA’s fire and emergency services. For years, UFA used tape backups for its data archiving processes. The critical data was backed up on a nightly basis, then stored in a secure location.
After years of “getting by” with tape backups, the Unified Fire Authority was ready for a solution with greater capacity, higher reliability, less hassle, and easier access to archived data. Today, UFA has the data protection solution they need. Revinetix’ Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Valcom recommended Revinetix Sentio™ data protection appliances to UFA.

“I have never been completely confident that a tape storage system would truly provide a reliable and accessible archive of our data,” said Tom Ream, Network Administrator at the Unified Fire Authority.

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