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UltraBac v9.1 Expands on Virtual Server Protection and Offers a MySQL Agent Option

BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 15, 2009  UltraBac Software, makers of backup and disaster recovery software, announces the release of UltraBac Version 9.1. This new Windows 7 compatible product offers customized reporting options and a MySQL Agent. The version also expands on its ability to provide the best in virtual protection by offering thin disk provisioning and the ability to direct write to ESX Datastore.

UltraBac's support of VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning allows users to assign and commit virtual machine disk (VMDK) space on demand. This feature creates virtual disks without provisioning all of the storage required up front. The virtual disk starts small and is allocated on demand as the space is used. By developing the product using VMware's vStorage API, Version 9.1 is able to assist with dramatically increasing virtual machine storage utilization.

In its previous version, UltraBac allowed administrators to generate a single Windows image backup job that also concurrently created either an ESX VMDK file or a GSX VMDK file. This was a breakthrough as no additional processing is required. Users could perform a physical-to-virtual operation in less than three minutes after a backup completes. Version 9.1 expands on this ability by introducing the VMDK Agent.

The VMDK Agent may be purchased as an add-on to either UltraBac or UBDR Gold. The option still provides the ability to create ESX and GSX VMDK files during a regular Windows image backup. The unique feature of subsequent differential and incremental backups automatically updating the base VMDK file is expanded upon by no longer requiring performance to a UNC share path. By writing the file directly inside ESX Datastores, a VMDK upload is not necessary in case of a disaster occurs. This saves businesses time and storage costs.

"Companies around the world are seeking more automated and space efficient data protection," said Dave Russell, Research Vice President at Gartner, Inc. "Solutions that offer easy to manage protection and exploitation of new capabilities and techniques for the ever increasing server virtualized market should be met with a great deal of customer interest."

"It is very gratifying to see functionality continually added to our products, keeping us at the top in virtual data protection," said Morgan Edwards, CEO and founder of UltraBac Software. "Support of thin provisioning and direct write to ESX Datastore helps our customers save money twofold. There is a reduction in the high cost of storage, and the cost of manpower is reduced by significantly cutting the time it takes to recover virtual machines in case a disaster does occur."

"We also recognize the importance of providing a MySQL Agent," said Edwards. "Even though it is the most popular open source database, many customers are still using workaround solutions for protection. The UltraBac MySQL Agent was written directly for the database, allowing for quick and easy restores in case of a failure."

UltraBac Version 9.1, UltraBac MySQL Agent, and the VMDK Agent are available now. The UltraBac Server Edition is priced at $495 and the UltraBac Enterprise Edition is $1,095; volume licensing discounts are available. The new MySQL Agent is priced at $695 and the introductory price for the VMDK Agent is $395.