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Tundra Offers RapidIO System Modeling Tool

Ottawa, Ontario - May 12, 2009 -- Tundra Semiconductor Corporation, a leader in System Interconnect, today announced its new Serial RapidIO System Modeling Tool. The new System Modeling Tool allows wireless, military, imaging, video infrastructure and storage OEMs to unleash the full performance potential and features of RapidIO interconnect to enhance system level performance, optimize architecture and reduce power consumption.

Tundra's RapidIO System Modeling Tool improves end-to-end packet transfers by modeling not only the switch fabric, but also the behavior of the endpoints in the system, allowing designers to plan and examine the behavior of end-to-end transactions. Customers can simulate various traffic flows throughout the system to uncover the optimal priorities for system traffic flow performance. The new tool, along with the expertise of Tundra Application Engineers, allows designers to simulate the performance of multiple systems reusing a single hardware platform. Modeling more than one end-use application offers OEMs significant cost saving opportunities as designers will have performance insight at the design stage of the project. Re-use of hardware platforms to serve more than one end application will get Tundra's customers to market faster and with lower bill-of-material cost than their competitors.

"Tundra's lead customers in wireless and video have benefited from this RapidIO System Modeling Tool by examining and testing the behavior of traffic flow to endpoints in various scenarios throughout their systems. Customers can now evaluate and compare system architecture performance results against a RapidIO-based architecture, without hardware or software investments. This unique capability offered only by Tundra also provides very early access to Tundra RapidIO Gen2 features, allowing optimization of upcoming board designs around Tundra's new solutions," said Daniel Hoste , President and Chief Executive Officer, Tundra Semiconductor.

"System simulation is a key advantage for RapidIO designers, providing performance and system traffic flow understanding, before hardware investments are made. This new tool offered by Tundra will allow designers using RapidIO to tap into the high-end features and benefits of RapidIO interconnect, ultimately improving their system design and performance over their competitor's offering," said Tom Cox, Executive Director, RapidIO Trade Association.


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