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Top Ten Stupid Things/Outright Lies I heard on my SNW trip.

Well, it took me a week - you get a little behind when you take a week of vacation, then are out sick a week, then leave for SNW. But I finally got to it...
Please understand: I heard a LOT of good things and saw a lot of verifiable claims at SNW, this is the worst, but there was more good...

Top Ten Stupid things/Outrageous Lies I heard on my SNW trip:

10. "Yes sir, we do have to confiscate your lighter."
I flew back on day 1 of The Great Lighter Confiscation, and I have to wonder... If our idiot from Heathrow had tried to set off the bomb in his shoes with matches, would lighters be okay, and matches be getting confiscated?

9. "iSCSI is not scalable."
Sorry if you only do FC, but this FUD will only keep you going for so long.

8. "FC SANs are dead."
Sorry if you really want iSCSI to take off today, but our readers are not rushing to throw away their multi-million dollar SANs. Maybe when 10 GigE comes along, but there's still that darned "initial investment" thing.

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