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Top Ten Storage Stars: Winter Refresh

Ah, the Byte and Switch Top 10 Storage Networking Stars list. Such a booming success, it almost broke our Web traffic counter!

Well, not quite. Where were you people? When we launched our first version of this list six months ago, we heard nary a peep from anyone (see Top Ten Storage Networking Stars). OK, we heard one very irritating peep from a Wall Street type who was unbelievably cheesed off that we hadn't put one of his buddies on our list:

"I am just trying to pacify some important storage thought leaders who have to answer to CIOs and CEOs who do not understand your constituencies, motivations, and biases," Jim Berlino of Morgan Stanley wrote to us at the time. Jim, our biases and motivations are outlined below and in the story that follows.

But for the most part, we must have been so spot-on with our picks that none of you could find anything to disagree with, right? Perhaps you will see fit to comment on our new list, which we have updated since one of our esteemed entrants got laid off (see Salomon Axes Storage Team).

Had Salomon Smith Barney consulted with us before making its abrupt decision to chop senior storage analyst Clint Vaughan, we would have told them a thing or two about Clint: He was bright and wicked fast at getting his investor notes out, which were always insightful. The loss is Salomon's. More important, it screws up our list.

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