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Top Ten Private Storage Networking Companies

Get a drink, sit down, brace yourself. Its time for the first "seismic adjustment" of the Byte and Switch Top 10 list.

Thank you for all the emails about how great this list is; but we don’t do it for the thanks, we do it for the thrill. And you’re not supposed to like it (well... if you must). You’re supposed to write in and tell us what’s up – so let’s hear you!

Since our launch a couple of weeks ago (time flies, eh?!), and the initial publication of this list, several interesting things have come to light.

It turns out our former number one company, TrueSAN Networks Inc., isn’t quite as “true” as it makes out. The majority of TrueSAN’s system comes from third-party suppliers, leading us to conclude that it's more of a systems integration company than an original equipment manufacturer. And as companies that integrate equipment rarely lead markets, TrueSAN has been knocked off its pedestal at the top of the list.

Taking TrueSAN’s place is Pirus Networks – our new number one. Word has it the Pirus Maniacs have just scored another $10 million from a U.S./Japanese venture fund called Jafco Ventures bumping up its funding to date to $55 million.

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