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Top Supercomputers Revealed

A U.S. supercomputer maintains top spot in the latest list of Top 500 Supercomputer Sites, which was released today at the International Supercomputer Conference in Heidelberg, Germany.

The Department of Energys IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) Blue Gene/L (BG/L) supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory remains in pole position, having nearly doubled in size since the most recent list was released in November.

The system is now capable of 136.8 Teraflops, or trillions of calculations per second, up from 70.72 Teraflops (see DOE Gains Supercomputing Crown and IBM Dominates Supercomputing).

Compare that with the bottom supercomputer on the list: an un-named U.S. government supercomputer capable of 1.166 Teraflops. It's a gauge of supercomputing's progress that this same deployment clinched 299th position six months ago. At that time, the 500th supercomputer on the list was a machine at SBC Service Inc., capable of a maximum performance of 850.6 Gigaflops, or billions of operations per second.

But, for a real indication of how supercomputing is growing, consider this: The bottom-placed supercomputer has about the same computational power as all 500 systems combined, when the list was first created in June 1993.

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