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Three Second Rule? Er ... 3-Sec Virt Test

Not up to date with your Intel and AMD chipset nomenclature? Unsure if that spare no-name server on the bench is a good platform for a hypervisor solution? You can test your server's capabilities in less time than it takes to read this post.
A snippet yesterday on the SOAWorld site reminded me of a post from the VirtualIron team:

SecureAble is a nifty Windows-based freeware tool that scans servers, providing a bare-bones report on 32/64-bit-ness and yea/nay for hardware support of virtualization from AMD-V and Intel-VT chipsets.

Alex Vasilevsky from VirtulIron refers to it as The 3-Second Hardware Virtualization Check with just a modicum of self-interest.

Have a rack of somewhat recent black-box hardware and a less than perfect inventory or asset list? I recommend SecurAble as a simple first step before you download VirtualIron or any other Xen-based hypervisor platform for testing.