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Tarmin's GridBank 1.5 Delivers Secure Data Archiving Into the Cloud

ONGAR, UNITED KINGDOM and PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2009) - Tarmin Technologies, a leading provider of active archival and intelligent secondary storage platforms, today announced that GridBank 1.5 seamlessly integrates with cloud storage environments. GridBank allows customers to effortlessly migrate and archive file and SharePoint data from their on-site environments to cloud storage targets, while delivering unprecedented security for file and SharePoint data. Organizations that use GridBank to connect to cloud storage environments enjoy the comprehensive feature sets and business benefits of GridBank, while taking advantage of the cost reduction and deployment flexibility offered by the cloud storage delivery model. Cloud environments can further enhance the benefits of GridBank, which was developed to significantly reduce storage and data management costs, automate storage administration, and help meet archiving, compliance, and regulatory needs.

IDC, one of the world's leading IT industry analyst firms, forecasts the Cloud storage market will rapidly accelerate its growth, reaching $5.5 billion by 2012 up from $810 million in 2008.

"The benefits that cloud storage offers in substantial cost savings and flexible configuration dovetail perfectly with GridBank," said Shahbaz Ali, founder and CEO of Tarmin. "GridBank's cloud storage connectivity provides customers with unprecedented security for file and SharePoint data, while delivering transparent access to customer information; powerful e-discovery, search, and data retrieval; and massive scalability. GridBank 1.5's cloud storage support dramatically enhances data and storage management, diminishes compliance and regulatory risks, and reduces storage costs."

GridBank with Cloud Support Overview

One of the unique technologies at the core of GridBank is its comprehensive object-based secondary storage platform. This allows GridBank to control and manage the backend of on-site storage targets through the creation of virtual heterogeneous storage pools where file and SharePoint-based data objects are archived. GridBank's virtual storage pools are vendor and hardware agnostic, scalable to petabytes (PB) of data, self-healing, and highly fault tolerant.

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