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Tarmin And Nirvanix Deliver Next-Generation Cloud Storage

Ongar, United Kingdom and Palo Alto, Calif. (July 23, 2009) -- Tarmin Technologies, a leading provider of intelligent secondary storage infrastructure and active archival solutions, today announced that GridBank 1.5 seamlessly integrates with the Nirvanix cloud storage platform. With GridBank, customers can effortlessly and securely tier, migrate and archive their file and SharePoint data from expensive primary on-site storage to Nirvanix's cost-effective cloud storage environment. Using GridBank's highly secure connectivity to the Nirvanix cloud platform, organizations can take full advantage of the all-encompassing business benefits and feature sets of GridBank, while experiencing the flexibility and cost reduction of the Nirvanix cloud storage model. Tarmin has integrated with Nirvanix's APIs allowing for complete GridBank integration with the Nirvanix cloud.

"GridBank's innovative design delivers highly secure automated migration and active archival with tightly integrated connectivity to cloud storage providers," said Jeff Boles, senior analyst and director validation services, Taneja Group. "The Tarmin-Nirvanix partnership links state of the art archival storage to state of the art cloud storage and enables customers to flexibly tune their ideal mix of accessibility, performance, capacity, and cost in a cloud-enabled archive completely managed by Tarmin's GridBank. This provides companies with an extremely cost-effective solution for optimizing their primary storage environments, while delivering extensive E-discovery capabilities, offering exceptional return on investment, and substantially easing storage management headaches."

Award-winning GridBank utilizes affordable, industry-standard, heterogeneous server and storage hardware to create a high-performance, high-availability and grid-based intelligent secondary storage platform and active archival solution. Enabling effective long-term and fixed-content data preservation on cost-effective secondary storage tiers and cloud storage environments, GridBank delivers a complete solution that substantially shrinks storage and IT costs. GridBank satisfies any organization's compliance, regulatory and governance requirements by ensuring secure, long-term data retention coupled with fast E-discovery and retrieval of valuable corporate data.

"The far-reaching cost savings and open deployment benefits of the Nirvanix cloud storage infrastructure mesh perfectly with GridBank," said Shahbaz Ali, president and CEO of Tarmin. "GridBank's connectivity with the Nirvanix cloud storage platform provides corporations with unprecedented security for file and SharePoint data, while delivering transparent access to corporate data, powerful policy-based data and storage management, and massive scalability. The GridBank-Nirvanix combination offers a unique paradigm for solving the daunting storage and management issues caused by today's out-of-control growth in data."
The Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN) is a fully-managed, highly secure cloud storage service developed for today's enterprises that intelligently stores, delivers and processes storage requests in the best network location, providing the optimal user experience. The SDN is comprised of standards-based access to integrated services, all powered by Nirvanix's patent-pending proprietary technology and infrastructure. Nirvanix offers a unique combination of technology and solution services to address the toughest storage challenges facing organizations today, increasing an organization's operation flexibility while reducing storage costs for long term retention of data.
"GridBank will deliver our customers an automated, full-featured storage tiering and active archival solution ideally suited for the Nirvanix Storage Deliver Network," said, Geoff Tudor, co-founder and SVP of strategy and business development, Nirvanix. "By combining GridBank and Nirvanix organizations will substantially lower their storage and IT CAPEX and OPEX, dramatically simplify their storage environments, and enhance their E-discovery and search capabilities." 

GridBank 1.5, with Nirvanix cloud support, will be generally available in the third quarter of 2009 from Tarmin and its network of value added channel partners.

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