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Tarantella Ships Updated Terminal Software

Tarantella on Tuesday shipped an updated edition of its terminal software that boasts better security and broader platform support.

Dubbed Tarantella Secure Global Desktop Terminal Services Edition (TSE) 4, the access software features certificate-based server authentication, SSL encryption, and tunneling of all traffic. It also offers wider built-in client support, including Windows terminals, and Linux and Mac machines for running applications on Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers via RDP, said the Santa Cruz, Calif.-based vendor.

TSE 4, which is pitched as a companion to Windows Terminal Services, also sports performance enhancements that boost application operations when large print jobs are also running from the terminal.

Tarantella gives away Secure Global Desktop TSE 4 licenses with the purchase of a $60 two-year maintenance agreement. An evaluation copy of the new version can be downloaded from the company's Web site.