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Tandberg Introduces 8TB Removable Disk Library For SMBs

With four years of experience and solid growth in the SMB tape-replacement market, Tandberg Data is extending its RDX-based product--an entry-level tape alternative that combines the advantages of disk and tape--with the first removable disk library, providing up to 8TBytes of online storage in a multicartridge 2U form factor. Available in volume at a starting price of $3,999, the RDX QuikStation consists of eight RDX docks that can be configured as either eight individually addressable iSCSI disk targets or as an emulated tape autoloader or library, as well as a Linux-based server.

Compatible with backup applications like Computer Associates' ARCserve, Symantec Backup Exec and Tandberg Data's AccuGuard Server backup and deduplication software, QuikStation features Web-based management capabilities for fast, easy and secure remote system configuration, management, operation, status checks and security, says the company. Calling it the Swiss Army knife of data protection, Tandberg, the leader in RDX removable storage systems, says the RDX QuikStation is also easy on power, requiring just 90 watts, or the equivalent of a light bulb.

NETWORK COMPUTING contacted a number of analysts about the RDX QuikStation and what's happening in the tape and tape-replacement/removable disk markets, and they were all pretty bullish about the Tandberg opportunity.

Rather than call it the tape market, Mark Peters, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, says it should be known as the data protection market. This announcement, he continues, shows the continuing investment that is taking place. "It's still a multibillion-dollar market. Yes, it's been slowing or contracting over recent years, but there are signs that it has stabilized. Indeed, certain broad industry trends--automated tiering plus archiving importance, plus the drive to economic efficiency plus green--all mitigate in favor of tape or RDX tape-like products having continued stability. The introduction of more flexibility, things like QuikStation at the lower end and things like file systems for tape, such as LTFS, might actually underpin a resurgence for this category."

He says the QuikStation is significant because it both highlights and helps to address the need for structured data protection (DP) approaches at even the lower/smaller end of business. "DP is crucial for all IT users and only gets more complex/vital as data growth occurs. QuikStation is a viable tool to help smaller businesses achieve DP in a very easy and very cost-effective way, even perhaps using the removability of the RDX cartridges to help 'seed' a remote--whether owned or cloud--location."

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