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SWsoft Extends Virtualization Software To 64-Bit Windows

Virtualization software vendor SWsoft Inc. on Monday extended its support for Windows environments to 64-bit platforms based on Intel EM6T and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD64 applications.

"We already did this for Linux and now with this support for Windows we can address a major segment of the market," says Carla Safigan, director of enterprise marketing for SWsoft.

Virtuozzo 3.5 for Windows also will provide enhanced disaster recovery and increased server resource controls, in addition to expanding support from x86 32-bit environments to 64-bit implementations.

Backup enhancements will enable increased network backup flexibility by letting users restore a single file and create a scheduled backup, Safigan says. User resource reporting will help determine top resource users for creating restrictions, improve monitoring, and charging back for usage.

Enhancing its virtualization software for use with Windows "is particularly important because there are inherent limitations in Windows with memory, and this really opens up the ability to put more virtualization on a single server," she says.