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Survey: Notebooks Surpass Desktop Sales For First Time

For the first time ever, distributors sold more notebook computers than desktops in a month.

According to The NPD Group, members of the Global Technology Distribution Council sold 149,797 notebooks and 149,276 desktops in June. For a couple of years, notebooks have crept ever closer to surpassing the unit volume sales of desktops—coming within a couple of thousand units in several months.

“That’s the trend in the world. There’s a big push toward notebooks, especially in the second half of the year,” said Stephen Baker, director of industry analysis at NPD, Port Washington, N.Y. “It comes from the consumer side and from the SMB side. Small businesses are starting to add new employees at the end of the summer, so you tend to see a bigger push in terms of notebooks,” he said. “The final piece is that in the notebook space, you see [Hewlett-Packard] and Acer being very aggressive, and Sony is trying to grab some of the SMB space.”

Revenue generated from notebooks has long surpassed desktops, thanks to higher average selling prices for notebooks. In June, notebook sales accounted for $216.1 million, or $1,442.66 per notebook. Desktops accounted for $113.9 million, or $762.98 per unit. The average notebook price fell 11.8 percent from $1,635.07 in the year-ago month. In the same period, desktop prices fell 5 percent from $803.38.

Network Designs Integration Services, a solution provider in Fremont, Calif., now sells five notebooks to every one desktop, said Angie Wong, CEO of the company.

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