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Sun VDI 2.0 Offers Anywhere, Anyhow Desktops

Sun's rapid move to v2.0 brings a new Virtual Desktop Connector hoping to serve as a "universal translator" for many-to-any desktop delivery.
October doesn't seem like that long ago. That's when Sun delivered v1.0 of the company's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as another path for delivering VMs to the desktop. There have been no incremental updates as the dev team has been working hard on this major release.

I met with Sun for a preannounce briefing last week.

"People are embracing VDI architectures for their desktop deployments, but they share the same sorts of concerns -- things like security, performance over the network, and manageability. The new version of the product... lets you securely access almost any OS from nearly anywhere, and for the administrator, it provides a centralized point of control to manage it all." -- Chris Kawalak, speaking for Sun.

What does this mean to you and yours?

1. Pick your favorite back end to create "centralized" user desktop environment(s): MS terminal services, VMware, Solaris, Linux, Citrix, etc.

2. Add VDI 2.0 infrastructure to your mix.

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