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Sun Microsystems' Sun Ray Server Software 3.1

I tested SRSS in our Syracuse University Real-World Labs® and was delighted with the low-bandwidth performance, the Web controls for SRSS and DTUs, and the price (free). I set up SRSS on a Dell Precision 410 running Solaris 10 for Intel.

For this latest version of SRSS, Sun has changed the rendering algorithm in the Sun Ray protocol. When bandwidth is constrained, SRSS uses a more aggressive compression ratio to pass I/O.

An executable shell script installs the software packages, including the main one, SunWut. The install uses the Java Runtime 1.5.0_01 included with Solaris 10. I executed utadm to configure SRSS, identified the network IP number and mask for SRSS, and pegged the Precision as the authentication and firmware server for DTUs.


• Supports Solaris and Linux

• Web-based administration
• Low-bandwidth support


• Requires Sun Ray DTUs (Desktop Units)
• Expensive 17-inch flat-panel DTUs

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