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Stromasys in Collaboration with HP Delivers Cross-Platform Virtualization Software for Legacy Systems

RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Stromasys, Inc., a leader in cross-platform virtualization
software, announced that CHARON virtualization products will be
delivered directly to HP customers who are looking to modernize legacy
VAX and Alpha systems. Customers in the United States and Canada will be
able to take advantage of price and performance enhancements available
through HP Integrity and ProLiant servers.

Stromasys' CHARON virtualization products for VAX and Alpha provide an
ideal solution for owners of VAX and Alpha systems, allowing them to
take advantage of performance and total cost of ownership gains
associated with HP Integrity and ProLiant servers, without exposing them
to the risk of changing or losing their legacy VAX and Alpha
applications. Stromasys' unique virtualization approach is superior to
standard emulation because CHARON products operate seamlessly in a
standard Windows or Integrity environment running on modern,
high-performance HP servers, without modifying or recompiling the
original software or applications.

Encouraged by the overwhelming customer response in Canada, where this
relationship was launched earlier this year, Stromasys expects the
expansion of the collaboration into the United States to become a rapid
success. According to Zul Abbany, President of Stromasys' North and
South American operations, "This agreement further validates Stromasys'
achievements in the field of cross-platform virtualization; we look
forward to providing HP customers with reliable, innovative
virtualization solutions."

Dr. Robert Boers, Stromasys founder and CEO, said, "This milestone
demonstrates the strategic nature of our collaboration with HP, and our
entire team - from sales to development - is excited about the
opportunity to deliver the outstanding value of virtualization to HP

"Customers want to preserve and extend the life of their existing VAX
and Alpha applications while improving performance, managing risk and
lowering costs," said Ling Chang, technical and data center services
manager, Technology Services - Americas, HP. "Through our relationship
with Stromasys, our VAX and Alpha customers are now able to successfully
move their existing applications to the HP's latest server technologies."

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