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StrataScale Powers Private Cloud Services With Isilon Scale-Out NAS

SEATTLE, May 18. Isilon Systems today announced that StrataScale, Inc. has deployed Isilon scale-out NAS to power its new Private Cloud service, offering organizations a responsive, reliable and secure cloud computing platform utilizing dedicated physical resources. Using Isilon IQ, featuring its OneFS operating system, StrataScale has unified its hypervisor-based Private Cloud onto a single high performance, highly scalable shared pool of storage, maximizing the performance of its virtual servers to provide clients with on-demand compute resources. With Isilon scale-out NAS, StrataScale can scale its storage resources in lockstep with customer demand, reducing capital costs and operational overhead, while expanding its solution offerings to drive new business growth.

"Our new Private Cloud service delivers best-of-breed enterprise-grade cloud computing resources on-demand, enabling our customers to build and scale their own virtual IT infrastructure quickly, securely and reliably," said Denoid Tucker, vice president of technology, StrataScale. "We've seen significant demand for our Private Cloud offering, and consequently we require a storage solution that can match our platform's flexibility and keep pace with growing demand. Isilon scale-out NAS does exactly that." StrataScale's Private Cloud service delivers hypervisor-based virtual machine instances running CentOS, Red Hat Linux or Microsoft, enabling customers to leverage the power of virtual computing without investment in physical resources. Isilon scale-out NAS delivers the linear scaling of performance and capacity StrataScale requires to effectively meet growing demand for its platform, overcoming the limited file system size and complex management of traditional SAN and NAS solutions that hinders virtual server performance and increases operating costs.

"Cloud computing promises increased efficiency and application performance at reduced costs, but as of yet, few providers have delivered," said Sam Grocott, vice president of marketing, Isilon Systems. "By using Isilon to offer a highly flexible, secure and truly on-demand Private Cloud, StrataScale is a step ahead of the competition and with its newly expanded solution portfolio, well-positioned to maximize the market opportunity for enterprise-grade cloud services."