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Storage Security Products and market maturity

If you've been considering Storage Security products, but remember the past too well, you might think that your options are limited. I was actually rather surprised at the breadth, quality, and ease of use of most of the products available for this purpose.

We'll be publishing a review of these products that is more of an overview of the current market - talks about what types of tools are available, where each type fits, and considers the trade-offs of each type of solution.

We will not be awarding an "Editor's choice" to any of the many products we looked at - the idea here is to give you a broad overview of what's out there, not compare products as diverse as software encryption and storage switches.

It's been a fun, but slow review, with lots of good data. For the most part, we've been pleased with the products, with only a couple of cases of "wow, you really shouldn't do that".

I will update you later this week as I actually write the portion of the article covering each product category and its strengths/weaknesses.