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Startups Thrive on Storage Leftovers

Looking for cheap storage? You may already have what you need.

Two emerging startups claim to create NAS out of unused space on application servers and workstations in corporate networks. Using techniques popularized by so-called grid computing firms and by companies like LeftHand Networks, Parascale, and Cleversafe, RevStor and Seanodes say they have a winning proposition for shops of all sizes.

RevStor, for instance, virtualizes unused disk storage in servers and workstations to back up files. At $2,500 per Tbyte stored, that's less than buying a low-end NAS.

What's more, the startup claims its approach is extra secure, because file data is chopped up and given hash codes prior to being assigned to the leftover storage.

The RevStor software, called SANware, comprises agent software for each server or workstation on a network. According to the vendor, agents consume less than 2 percent to 3 percent of all network resources, including storage and bandwidth.

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