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Startup Tilana Touts SaaS-Plus-Storage Approach

By Mary Jander June 20, 2008 4:10 PM

A San Diego startup says it can offer online backup services that aren't just "storage in the sky." Instead, Tilana Systems Corp. says it provides archiving and CDP as well as regular backup -- while incorporating an organization's own servers to do it.

While online backup continues to gain momentum, services from the likes of Amazon S3 and Nirvanix are strictly SaaS. A subscription typically buys a company hosted storage. On the other hand, enterprise CDP products exist on a separate plane.

Tilana thinks the two can and should come together. The three-year-old company has designed software that combines enterprise server-based data protection with a service model in what it claims is an industry first.

Tilana's basic product, called the Tilana Reserve, consists of software that lets customers protect and synchronize the backup on workstations and servers throughout an organization. If a worker has three computers, for instance -- a Windows-based laptop, a Macintosh workstation, and a Blackberry, say -- a Tilana Reserve account will allow him to keep the data backed up and archived on each in sync and up to date, via the company's hosted service. CDP and reporting capabilities are also part of the deal.

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