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Startup Continuity Software Now Checks Virtualization DR

More enterprises than ever may be using virtualization for disaster recovery, but Continuity Software says most of them can't be sure their setups will work in a pinch. The Israel- and Boston-based startup says its software guarantees success.

Continuity's stock-in-trade has been RecoverGuard, software that continually monitors data between a primary site and its DR target, ensuring that replication is happening exactly as it should. RecoverGuard does this by mapping hardware and software elements relevant to DR to make sure they match up between sites. It also discerns over 1,200 different patterns, or "signatures," of problems in the DR infrastructure. ;p>

Up to now, RecoverGuard functioned with arrays from EMC and NetApp, along with host software configurations, including operating system settings and versions, network resources, and available memory. With this release, the package also works with VMware virtual environments, with Oracle implementations, and with HDS arrays as well.

Continuity is also engaged in beta testing of IBM-compatible software and plans HP EVA support in the future.

What does RecoverGuard look for? Besides checking that a disaster recovery setup is really configured as planned, RecoverGuard finds changed data: replicated databases, volumes, or files that differ from the original. Differences in the configuration of software or hardware on replicating hosts may also cause data to be missed or corrupted. Data replicated on virtual machines may not be consistent, or there may be underlying hardware discrepancies between source and target sites that cause data snafus.

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