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Spyware Blitz Spawns New Market

Security experts have a new, growing, and potent enemy: Spyware, which embeds itself into a host computer and drags down both the computer's and the network's performance, has become a growing concern in data centers.

For instance, the Green Bay Packers organization thought it knew how to neutralize blitzes and hard hits; yet nothing could prepare it for the crushing impact spyware delivered to its network.

"Spyware was crippling our network and putting our entire organization at risk each week with players, coaches, and staff depending on the Web for game planning and communications," said Keith Roskowski, computer systems technician for the National Football League team. "Spyware slowed down performance dramatically."

Some specialized security companies are coming to grips with Spyware, though you could say it's early days in the Spyware protection market.

Blue Coat Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: BCSI) and TippingPoint Technologies Inc. are addressing the spyware invasion and its harsh impact on network performance; each company believes it offers the best preventive” rather than “reactive” solution to this growing problem.

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