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Spectra Logic Adds Encryption

BOULDER, Colo. -- Spectra Logic, the innovator in data archive and backup, is now offering its hardware-based AES-256 Standard Edition BlueScale Encryption for free. Because Spectra’s key management operates through the libraries’ BlueScale 10 management interface, customers can now have encryption plus key management options from one vendor, with no additional software required — free of charge.

BlueScale Encryption with key management, originally introduced in 2005, is now available as a standard feature in the enterprise-class Spectra® T950, mid-range T120 and departmental T50 tape libraries. The libraries can be configured with LTO, SDLT, SAIT or integrated RXT disk. Customers can activate encryption right away, or months or years after purchase, to fit long-term storage management plans.

“The majority of tapes sent offsite for deep archive will be encrypted within two to three years, so IT managers across many industries are evaluating encryption options now,” said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst and security expert at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Spectra Logic has a long history in the tape encryption space and is already offering key management for LTO-4 today. These proof points should be considered as companies face the continuing trend towards ubiquitous tape encryption.”

Spectra Logic Corp.