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Sonasafe Unveils Virtual Server Protection

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Sonasoft Corp. announces the availability of its new version of SonaSafe solution which provides unique features for protecting virtual servers. SonaSafe supports several scenarios to protect the virtual servers both at primary and disaster recovery sites.

Virtualization is being increasingly used by IT departments for server consolidation and testing purposes. Virtual servers are used to reduce operational costs and improve system efficiency. The growth in virtual servers has created challenges for IT departments regarding high availability and data protection. It is not enough to protect physical servers but also virtual servers as they contain business critical data and information. Virtual servers offer the flexibility, but at the same time if a single physical server containing multiple virtual server fails, then impact of data loss is enormous.

Sonasoft provides a high-availability solution, protecting data that reside on virtual servers. SonaSafe application supports many interesting disaster recovery scenarios. Customers can have multiple physical servers at the primary location and at the offsite disaster recovery location, they can have one physical server with multiple virtual servers. Also, multiple virtual servers from the primary site can be easily backed up and replicated to the disaster recovery site. Sonasoft provides application specific protection for Microsoft SQL and Exchange servers. The replication is performed at a database and mailbox level which provides granular level protection for virtual systems.

"SonaSafe for Exchange server is simply marvelous. I tested the post failure by shutting down our main exchange server and failed over to our standby exchange server. Which by the way is awesome as it didn’t even feel like exchange went down" said Luis Perez, Network Specialist
TradeStation Group, Inc.

Sonasoft Corp.