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Solid State Disk Enhancements Emerge

With prices slowly dipping and companies clamoring for higher-speed I/O, the solid state disk (SSD) market is seeing early signs of steady growth, though both analysts and vendors warn: Beware of the hype.

In recent weeks, there has been a flurry of announcements on new and upgraded solid-state products, reports of venture funds flowing toward SSD, and a packed house at an SSD-centered discussion at this weeks Storage Networking World trade confab in Dallas.

“There is movement in the enterprise to look at and investigate SSD,” says IDC analyst Jeff Janukowicz, adding that interest in the product segment has boomed in the last six months to a year.

Some of that recent interest is linked to SSDs that deploy newer flash-based technology -- as opposed to Dynamic-Random Access Memory (D-RAM). The use of flash memory makes the drives somewhat more financially feasible after years of being way too pricey for many companies.

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