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SOA Software Announces Atmosphere Initiative For Cloud Services Governance

Los Angeles, CA  December 07, 2009  SOA Software today announced its Atmosphere cloud services governance initiative. The Atmosphere initiative creates a unifying brand for a suite of SOA and cloud services governance products the company will deliver through 2010. The Atmosphere products will help companies realize the enormous cost and agility benefits possible with the combination of SOA and Cloud services governance.
"Governing the interactions between consumers and service providers will be a mandate for any company using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or other cloud services and offerings. Even when the need for trust is minimal, formally acknowledging that level of trust should be a mandate," said Daryl Plummer, Managing VP & Gartner Fellow at Gartner. "The more you increase your dependence on cloud services, the more you will need to establish and implement your required degree of trust between the consumers and providers of the service. It will not be a "one size fits all" determination."
The first product in the suite is Atmosphere Broker, a cloud services broker providing service governance capabilities including visibility, management, monitoring, measurement, provisioning, validation, and reporting for cloud services. It can be deployed, at the service consumer, in the cloud at the service provider, or as part of an independent cloud service brokerage to govern access, performance, delivery of cloud services. Atmosphere Broker includes advanced registry/repository, policy validation, management, security and reporting capabilities.
"Atmosphere products will help our customers and partners realize the enormous benefits offered by the combination of SOA and Cloud Computing," said Paul Gigg, president and chief executive officer of SOA Software. "SOA Software, already acknowledged by Gartner as a leader in integrated SOA governance, is uniquely positioned to deliver unified SOA and cloud services governance."
The Atmosphere product family will govern the plan, build and run processes for SOA and cloud services initiatives, helping customers in the following areas:
-Integrate other initiatives such as legacy modernization and a move to leverage open source into the overall planning process
-Consolidate reporting into a single dashboard reflecting the combined state of each Enterprise Service across all the strategic initiatives
-Drive the adoption of multiple disruptive technologies at the same time with an automated, predetermined process built into a single, consolidated development repository
-Automate development process governance to align with strategic initiatives
-Understand dependencies between Business Processes, Services and Cloud service platforms
-Provide visibility and management of a complex SDLC across multiple development teams, actors, and disciplines,  for example, require application teams to submit appropriate service candidates before approving a business process design
-Enable component services to automatically inherit the SLA of the overall business process and use it to drive the performance profile of cloud platforms
-Ensure that running services, and the infrastructure running them, comply with policies identified for applications and business processes during the planning process
-Enhance the tasks supporting Root Cause Analysis across the enterprise landscape
-Provide automation of service SLAs & Capacity Management
Atmosphere's integrated set of products effectively implement, enforce and audit common policies through the various stages of the lifecycle and through process, service and cloud service platforms. This allows cloud service platforms  to automatically scale based on the SLAs and measured performance of the services and processes.
Pricing and Availability
Available in Q1 2010, Atmosphere Broker will start at $50,000.